Making Long Term Business Relationships ft. Andres Ospina (Head of Business Development at Family Office) with Alex Quin | EP 44

Episode Description

Andres Ospina is Head of Business Development at Family Office Club and Managing Director of Andres chats with Alex Quin about how to make your business stand out and look top notch from the ground up. Tune in to learn how Andres was able to develop long term business relationships and build value through Family Office Club. He breaks down how critical branding can be in your business with Alex Quin. Figure out how to market your business through presentation and cohesiveness to make your company shine amongst the rest. 

Wisdom Nuggets

  • On the front end of every deal, you need to have a certain level of salesmanship
  • Having an idea is not going to be enough
  • Find someone who can do both, an investor and an advisor
  • Branding is so important

Podcast Outline

[03:36] Break down Family Office Club

[05:11] is

[06:12] What are some go to tips

[07:01] On the front end

[07:29] If you want to approach investors

[07:48] The worst thing that can happen to someone

[08:17] You get that money and then you burn it all away 

[09:24] We can do everything

[10:05] Having an idea

[10:53] Is there any material you recommend

[11:55] You have to do your digital study

[12:32] In the real world 

[13:09] You can raise money 

[14:12] Three trust curves

[15:15] Is the team competent?

[15:57] The fact is that

[18:22] Hey (break)

[19:14] Contextual value proposition

[21:30] What are the typical figures you see

[21:56] During the pandemic

[25:26] Your money starts paying you eventually

[27:44] Changed the way I looked at entrepreneurship

[29:07] Once it starts compounding

[30:18] There's gonna be a lot more unicorns 

[31:01] Give yourself the tools to learn

[32:18] Thank you for joining me

Andres Ospina & Alex Quin Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast.

Andres Ospina & Alex Quin Power Quotes

“You have to do your digital study” - Alex Quin
“You need to concentrate of creating generational wealth” - Alex Quin  
“What is the effect 7 generations from now from the decisions that I make today?”  -Andres Ospina


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