SEO Essentials for a Successful Business ft. Ryan Stewart with Alex Quin

Episode Description

Ryan Stewart is a digital marketing genius and a serial entrepreneur. He is a well-known and established marketing expert with a penchant for scaling online businesses. He has developed processes to escalate business growth and allow owners to step back after realizing the company’s potential. Ryan has more than ten years of experience in this industry and has done a lot during this short period of time. He is the founder of The Blueprint Training, an online platform that actively helps over 3,000 industries scale.  He is also the founder of Capture & Convert WordPress plugin, and the owner of a successful YouTube channel with more than 1 million organic views. Currently, he is a mentor and teacher and helps businesses scale effectively with the help of the programs he developed for his previous venture WEBRIS. That company scaled to $1.1 million ARR in just 16 months. Ryan now helps other companies follow the same path.

Wisdom Nuggets

  • The marketing potential of authoring a book: The money you make on sales of a book isn’t very much usually. However, writing a book can be a huge marketing opportunity. When someone authors a book, it gives them a sense of credibility and trust as being experts in their field and places them in a position of authority.
  • The difference between being a business owner and a hustler: It takes a while to truly become a business owner. For Ryan, it was a 15-year journey. Everyone starts off as a hustler that is creating opportunities and grinding daily. The true freedom in entrepreneurship comes when you become a business owner and you have a set of customers that are loyal to you and a company where your direct inputs are not needed for running the everyday operations.
  • Leveraging the power of SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to success for every business. SEO is what enables you to be easily discoverable online and for people to connect with you. Google now provides guidelines and design formats for how to build your website and establish authority and credibility. When you understand your customers and how they search the web, you can then design content in ways to match their search and make you more discoverable.
  • Information vs Implementation: Information in today’s world is a free resource. You can literally find anything you want to know and learn on google. The fact is that most people don’t do anything with the information they are provided. Content marketing is powerful because it creates avenues to implement for clients the information and knowledge you provide them. Implementation over information.

Podcast Outline

[01:15] What's going on everyone 

[02:00] The SEO Blueprint Handbook

[04:11] The marketing ROI of authoring a book

[06:59] SEO - Search Engine Optimization

[10:24] The process of Value-Driven Content plan

[12:57] Ryan sharing his secret sauce to SEO and marketing 

[16:29] Learning to nurture people with content

[17:32] Hey (break)

[18:25] How to make your website rank better

[19:20] Google recommended webpage designs

[22:42] Understanding the intent of content searches

[24:23] Building authority through SEO and content

[26:40] Understanding consumer behavior when creating content

[27:17] The difference between SEO and paid ads

[28:54] Solving the pain points of your customers

[31:38] Creating and leveraging sales funnels

Power Quotes

  • ‘’Information is free. It is the execution that really makes the difference.’’  - Ryan Stewart 14:19
  • ‘’Content marketing is the core of all service-based businesses.’’  - Ryan Stewart 16:58
  • ‘’Understanding your customer behaviour and intent is the key to content marketing.’’ - Alex Quin 26:40
  • “Advertising is a way to reach people who are not in the market yet. You identify with their problem and you create a solution for them.” - Ryan Stewart 31:06


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