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In this podcast, Alex interviews Josh Troy, founder of the WFS (Wires From Strangers) Group. The WFS group is a brand that helps businesses scale integrity-based sales operations. Together, they talk about building offers and why crafting a pitch before reaching out is essential. Finally, they tackle common mistakes, and obstacles salespeople make when scaling their business. 

Wisdom Nuggets: 

  • Building an offer is important before reaching out to a client. An offer usually includes brand voice, marketing hooks, and a CTA. It's important to put together an offer that is appealing and speaks to the client's needs in order to increase the chances of them working with you.
  • Pitch matters because it's the first step in getting a client to say yes to working with you. Your pitch should be well-thought-out and tailored to the specific client you're reaching out to. It's also important to have a strong understanding of what the client is looking for so you can position your offer in the best light possible.
  • Evolving your offer is key to success in business. By always being open to change and making sure your offer is up-to-date, you'll be able to maintain strong relationships with clients.

Podcast Outline:  

Alex: (00:18) This is Josh Troy, founder of the WFS group. What's up, man. Thanks for jumping 

Alex: (00:27) let's give everybody a little bit of context. We met at Jeremy's Q2, my back Q3 inner circle mastermind. It was a fantastic weekend. You presented; I was really blown away by your presentation.

Alex: (01:15) There's a ton of marketing agency owners in there doing six figures a month, seven figures a month. And ultimately, we're all here to help each other out. And that's what we wanna do on this podcast today. 

Alex: (01:52) So what's up with Wires From Strangers? How did this come to life? 

Josh:  (01:56) Yeah. So first of all, so wires from strangers, we also call it WFS group. We scale integrity-based sales operations. And I think that was the presentation that you heard me speak on at the mastermind. It was like my 10 best nuggets for scaling integrity-based sales operations.

Alex: (03:34) A lot of people have a great offer. They have a great business, but they have sales; it’s happened to me in my businesses.

Alex: (05:34) So what, what are the biggest mistakes you see people usually make in their sales system.

Josh:  (07:12) Pitch design is one of the main ones. People don't spend enough time, really diving deep into how their offer needs to be pitched to resonate.

Josh: (10:01) Offer, design pitch, design, process design. 

Alex: (13:23) A lot of the time I notice, especially because I've been in digital marketing for a while, is that not every time digital marketers care to see the process all the way through

Alex: (14:11) There's a whole lot to it to finally get them on the phone. And even after you get them on the phone to get the deal closed.

Josh: (17:39) There's three things to me that I've, and I didn't always know this.

Josh: (23:27) I'm 29 now I was 20. Then this is almost a decade ago. I had to explain to people why videos were a smart thing to pay for as a business.

Alex: (23:42) To have a video production was like something really glamorous because at most what was working was photos. Instagram was popping at that point. 

Josh: (23:56) Totally. I mean dude, at the time back, I mean just a couple years before that the only people that were producing like videos and commercials and ads were the biggest companies in the world that could pay for TV.

Josh: (26:10) I'll say side note real quick. If there's somebody that's listening to this by chance, that's a server right now. The first thing that you should do is go get a job at a high end restaurant, cuz you'll triple your pay overnight doing the same exact thing.

Josh: (29:50)That's it, man. So going back real quick, I'll wrap this up for you on the, on the story of like how it kind of continued to evolve is so I, I started iron wall now, the video marketing company. So that was, I, I built the entire thing from cold calling.

Josh: (31:57) So I have so much strategy and structure around the first minute of a, of a cold call because here's the other thing about a cold call.

Alex: (36:47) That's why, so I love sales and marketing. Like you specifically sales marketing on my end because ultimately you could apply that to anything that, that skill sort of selling.

Josh: (38:33) Anything, anything that you want to be repeatable, you're gonna wanna have process documentation for. So it's not just for sales for really anything you wanna do. 

Josh: (40:48) What is the most repeatable high leverage action that you need? Make your, make your SOPs for that first. 

Alex: (42:09)Troy, man, I really appreciate you jumping on. I really hope we could continue this conversation in the future cuz I find a lot of value in what you do.

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Power Quotes:  

“Anything that you want to be repeatable, you're going to want to have a processed documentation for. So it's not just for sales, its really for anything you want to do. ” - Josh Troy

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