Finding Ideal Marketing Clients ft. Laura Egocheaga (Founder/CEO at Viral Growth Media) with Alex Quin  | EP 45

Episode Description

What are you gonna do tomorrow when you wake up? That is Alex Quin’s main message and take away from this episode. Laura Egocheaga, an extremely successful Digital Marketer shares her knowledge in one of the busiest times in her career. Through social media, how can you push yourself to the front? Are you a one-legged stool? Find out what ELSE you can do to not only fill your wallet, but your clients’ wallet too. Learn about the importance of successful Branding and successful Marketing tactics.

Wisdom Nuggets

  • Don’t let having a bad Marketing experience dictate the rest of the growth for your company 
  • If you have no reputation to fall back on, you're a one legged stool. 
  • If you partner with the right people, it doesn’t matter where they are in the world
  • Everybody has the same 24 hours

Podcast Outline

[02:38] That all stems back to meeting you 

[04:05] The way companies are out here marketing 

[04:24] The principles of Marketing

[04:54] Now more than ever

[06:00] Laura talk to me about your agency 

[06:21] Media buying

[08:33] It’s essential to understand the brand story

[09:11] Create your ideal clients

[09:40] I don’t want to work with those people

[10:16] Ethical work

[10:34] It’s not about selling a lot upfront

[10:50] Nurture your client base

[11:25] Potential customers

[12:42] It’s very important to invest digitally

[12:52] Reputation 

[13:20] What's moving right now 

[14:41] Hey (break)

[15:25] What’s going on with CBD

[16:22] The best way to sell CBD

[17:27] When you talk to someone about digital marketing

[19:10] That's how you can start making the real money 

[20:38] My biggest shift since the last time we talked to now

[21:11] Venture capital

[24:51] It starts young

[25:31] For people that scroll social media every day

[26:13] You have to get yourself out of that mindset

[27:11] The best of the best

[28:22] It’s not about me

[28:39] Give people the opportunity to shine

[30:38] What are you going to do tomorrow when you wake up?

[32:07] See you guys next time

Laura Egocheaga & Alex Quin Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast.

Laura Egocheaga & Alex Quin Power Quotes

“You have to provide results on the front end for your client to be successful” - Laura Egocheaga 
“If you have no reputation to fall back on, your a one legged stool, and you’re going off to the side “ - Alex Quin
“Feed your brain positive data” -Alex Quin 


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