The Importance of Branding ft. Jose Aristimuno (PR & Branding Expert), with Alex Quin | Episode #09

Episode Description

In the short and sweet “entrepreneurial education nuggets” episode, Alex Quin talks with Jose Aristimuno about the power of authority and how you can use it to have money chase you. As Jose explains, many people are good at capturing leads or getting attention, but how do you keep that attention so your business isn’t always chasing money? Jose explains how and provides tips on you can level up your online presence to make a big impression on your future clients

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

In this conversation, Jose and Alex Quin discuss:

  • Starting to tell your story as a brand-What do you need to do first?
  • Why you need to focus on relationships, not money, to get paid
  • What advice would you give to an entrepreneur just starting out?
  • I’m an entrepreneur...I’m supposed to be chasing money, right

Podcast Outline

[1:46] Jose’s origin story

[3:05] One of the main obstacles when storytelling as a brand

[3:43} The power of relationships

[4:15] What advice would you give an entrepreneur ready to make the leap?

[5:24] Here's why your brand should focus on being an authority to get more deals

[9:00} The bigger picture: Making an impact , no matter what age you are.


Power Quotes

The paychecks will not come every two least in the beginning…
“If you focus on the money at the beginning, you’re to see why you should no’.
“There are no rules in this game [of entrepreneurship

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