Entrepreneur Quotes To Motivate You & Boost Productivity

Entrepreneur Quotes To Motivate You & Boost Productivity

Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of mental strength and perseverance. There's so many days where you feel like giving up, you feel like you've made the wrong choice and you aren't cut out for this type of lifestyle. Don't beat yourself up, everybody is human and needs a little motivation here and there. So we put together a list of our favorite Entrepreneur Quotes To Motivate You & Boost your Productivity Levels. You can save these quotes on your phone and use them as wallpapers to remind yourself "YOU GOT THIS".

Entrepreneur Quotes To Motivate You & Boost Productivity

1. “Follow Passion Not Paychecks”- Jen Welter

Money is a big motivator. How will you pay bills or pay employees? Even if money is an important factor to survive, it's not everything when you're unhappy and miserable.

Entrepreneur Quotes
2. “Rock bottom has built more heroes than privilege”- Anonymous

Are you ready to quit because you've hit rock bottom? Wrong, think again. Only heroes are built at rock bottom and you ARE a hero.

Entrepreneur Quotes
3. “Notice: Closed for Personal Maintenance”- Anonymous

You can't give from an empty cup. Don't forget to do some maintenance on yourself every once in awhile even if that means saying no to people.

Entrepreneur Quotes
4. “It's hard work not luck”- Gary Vaynerchuk

Words from one of the greatest entrepreneurs, Gary Vaynerchuk. Nobody gets "lucky" in this business, you work hard for it and EARN it.

Entrepreneur Quotes
5. “The best view comes after the hardest climb”- Team Conscious

Ever notice after going through a rough challenge, the reward feels so great? When you experience struggle and difficulty, you learn to appreciate things more.

Entrepreneur Quotes
6. “It's okay to live a life people do not understand”- Jenna Woginrich

Many people are going to wonder why it is you choose to live this type of lifestyle. Constantly hustling, staying up late, and busting missions to do what you love to do. As long as you keep believing in yourself, that's all that matters.

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7. “Want it? Work fuckin' harder”- Hustle Inspires Hustle

Think about your dream car, what is it? A Ferrari? Lambo? Or a Tesla? Whatever it may be, think about it next time you feel like giving up. Think about all the things you'd do if you just continue going at it!

Entrepreneur Quotes

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