9 Best Project Management Tools for Marketers & Business Owners

9 Best Project Management Tools for Marketers & Business Owners

Finding reliable, cost-efficient tools for both marketing and managing team members can be a challenging, time-consuming experience. This is especially true when every tool says that they are the “best project management tool” available. When you have a large number of team members to track and manage at the same time, it is necessary to utilize the best marketing automation tools you can find to streamline work load and efficiency. Modern companies have included positions with individuals who operate on different schedules and locations than standard business hours. It can be difficult to keep track of all assignments, deadlines, and milestones while effectively marketing your business. Fortunately, you can easily do both with the following tools for marketers and project managers which are offered for free or at a very affordable price.

1. Asana (Freemium)

Asana was founded in 2008 by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein. It is a very popular and versatile team collaboration, task management, productivity, and project management software. The program is web-based and available on both desktop and mobile. Here’s a look at some of the most important features of Asana:

  • It is the best project management tool available today and is able to handle large-scale projects with large teams.
  • Asana allows users to comment on tasks, arrange tasks and group them, and view the information in calendar or timeline form making the platform easy to use.
  • Asana allows the ability for tracking the progress of each team member allowing project managers to understand where there are pitfalls and which team members may be needing more support.      

Users can determine which tasks need to be completed before team members can start on other assignments. If you’re looking for project management tools that can handle large scale, complex projects, then Asana is your best bet.

Best Project Management Tools for Marketers & Business Owners

2. Funnelytics (Freemium)

Funnelytics is by far one of the best marketing tools available. One of the most effective forms of digital marketing are click funnels. The biggest problem can be managing, creating, and maintaining them when they are so many moving pieces. Here’s a look at some of its stand-out features:

  • Visually map out the funnel that will generate more leads and sales to show your clients exactly what you plan to create.
  • Forecast your success by creating simulations of your potential expenses, revenue, and ROI before building the funnel.
  • Monitor and track every step that a customer takes during the funnel path with real time analytics telling you what they clicked on every step of the way.
  • Optimization of your funnels by comparing campaigns and providing a way to track KPIs so that you know where you need to improve.

Funnelytics is a great tool for an important part of the digital marketing strategy. You can try building click funnels all day, but the efficiency and organization you get with Funnelytics will take your campaigns to whole new levels, making it one of the best marketing tools for marketers.

3. Honeybook (Freemium)

Honeybook is the ultimate small business management tool when working with multiple clients and projects. Honeybook allows you to invoice, electronically sign, and pay for the services you offer all in one email to your client. In the platform you’re able to create templates for contracts and emails that are sent to clients when preparing to do business. Here’s a look at some of its stand-out features:

  • Invoices – Create company invoices that are able to be paid for within an email sent to the client. This eases the payment process and creates a quick turnaround time for getting paid for work.
  • Proposals – Honeybook allows you to custom create proposals that are able to be sent to a client with the ability to book appointments, sign a contract, and process payments.
  • Contracts – When creating contracts within Honeybook, you are able to have electronic signatures from your clients as well as highlighted details for specificity as well as receive notifications when a client signs a contract.

All in all, Honeybook is truly a small business and freelancer’s dream when it comes to managing your business with clients.

 Best Project Management Tools for Marketers & Business Owners honeybook

4. ManyChat (Freemium)

With the rise of messenger bots being used to drive sales for businesses online, ManyChat has taken messenger bots to a whole new level. This platform, started by Mikael Yang, is by far one of the best marketing automation tools you could ask for. When it comes to messenger bots, all the work is done automatically the moment a prospective customer arrives at your website or Facebook page. Here’s a look at some of ManyChat’s stand-out features:

  • Sell products, book appointments, nurture leads, capture contact info, and build relationships all through Messenger.
  • Build your own bot in minutes with our simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Whether it’s Shopify, Google Sheets, MailChimp, HubSpot, ConvertKit, or Zapier, ManyChat connects to the tools you already use.

ManyChat has taken on the new wave of digital marketing by providing a way of reaching customers and driving sales without relying on only ads and landing pages. With the power of your very own messenger bot, you are able to communicate directly with your customers while guiding them to making purchases and providing information without needing any other steps. This allows you to have more conversions for less money since the messenger bot acts like a stand alone salesperson that has no limit to the amount of people it is selling to.

Best Project Management Tools for Marketers & Business Owners manychat
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5. Slack (Freemium)

Slack is an all in one team collaboration tool that is essential for project managers and teams needing to communicate between each other. Slack is able to allow subgroups within large organizations to communicate together about ongoing projects with the ability to share images, text, videos, and other file types within one portal. Here’s a look at some of its stand-out features:

  • The ability for teams within an organization to communicate amongst each other on particular projects and tasks.
  • Complete collaboration tools with communication through text, images, video, file sharing, and video chat all within one place.
  • Slack integrates with nearly every sales and digital marketing tool such as dropbox, asana, salesforce, and more.

Slack is the ultimate project management tool. With the ability to share nearly anything between team members, projects get done quicker and more efficiently with less chances for errors and mis-communications.

Best Project Management Tools for Marketers & Business Owners
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6. SMS Bump (Pay as you go)

SMS Bump is a marketer’s tool that taps into the power of SMS Text Messages. With individuals living through their devices, there is no more direct way of reaching your customer base than through targeted text message campaigns. SMS Bump gives you the ability to utilize this marketing channel with the ability to track and measure the success rate of your campaigns. Here’s a look at some of its stand-out features:

  • Smart SMS automation allowing you to work with any possible direction your customer takes from abandoned cart recovery to new orders and shipping confirmations.
  • Track every text message to see the effectiveness of the campaign through comprehensive analytics data.

SMS Bump is a great digital marketing tool that utilizes an essential medium of reaching customers and converting sales. With 99%+ open rates, SMS marketing might just be one of the most effective forms of marketing there is.

7. Trello (Freemium)

Trello is a task management system that was developed in 2011 by Fog Creek Software. It is just as popular as Asana and shares a lot of features with that platform. Here’s a look at some of its stand-out features:

  • Trello has a very clean, simple, and user-friendly interface. It doesn’t take time for new users to understand how it works. You can create columns, get notifications, add labels, and organize the project accordingly.
  • This platform is great at sharing and teamwork. Trello’s free version is more powerful than Asana’s free version in this category. It allows team members to share files ranging from 10MB to 250MB based on your plan.
  • The platform has great third-party app integration so if you want to use other software with Trello, you can.

Trello is ideal for smaller projects and teams. It keeps things simple and well-organized so you can keep track of your project easily. Whichever project management tools for free you decide to go with, make sure to stay organized and on track of your projects. Connect with your team and get their input on what platform they think is best.

Best Project Management Tools for Marketers & Business Owners
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8. Ubersuggest (Free)

Ubersuggest is by far one of the best content creation tools available for digital marketers. Owned by Digital Marketing expert, Neil Patel, it works by providing you ways of using the right keywords and phrases within your website to increase your rankings within search results. Aside from keywords, Ubersuggest also gives you a way to get insight into what your competition is doing within their websites. Here’s a look at some of its stand-out features:

  • SEO search tool that allows you to type in a website or keyword providing you SEO content related to what you type in.
  • Provide insight into what pages within your website have the proper amount of SEO and which are under performing.
  • Backlink search which allows you to see which websites are linking to your site and which ones you should contact to offer a backlink from their website to yours.

When it comes to SEO, Ubersuggest is the way to go. It is a powerful marketers tool giving you access to information that would normally take a lot of time and effort to accomplish while costing you money to develop.

Best Project Management Tools for Marketers & Business Owners
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9. Zipify by Smart Marketer (Starts at $67/monthly)

Zipify is a content creation tool that allows you to create engaging landing pages through a drag and drop tool as well as an upsell app that integrates with Shopify to incentivize more sales from customers before they pay for their order. Here’s a look at some of its stand-out features:

  • Build high quality, conversion tested landing pages with a few clicks of your mouse
  • Make more money from your Shopify orders with a post-purchase upsell tool by creating offer pages that are easily customizable allowing customers to add products to their cart with just one click.

Ezra Firestone has built these Zipify apps using his experience in selling products online since 2007 with great success. You can learn more about him and get insight on e-commerce on our podcast episode featuring Ezra.

Best Project Management Tools for Marketers & Business Owners

Whichever project management tools for free you decide to go with, make sure to stay organized and on track of your projects. Connect with your team and get their input on what platform they think is best.


In conclusion, navigating the plethora of tools available for project management and marketing doesn't have to be a daunting task. Tools like Asana, Funnelytics, and other project management tools offer robust features at little to no cost, allowing businesses of all sizes to maximize efficiency, enhance team collaboration, and drive sales without heavy investments. Whether you're coordinating complex projects across a diverse team or optimizing digital marketing strategies, the tools discussed provide powerful solutions to streamline processes, track progress, and achieve business objectives effectively. By choosing the right tools, companies can not only save time and money but also gain a competitive edge in their respective industries, making the task of managing teams and marketing campaigns simpler and more productive.


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