Business Tools for Entrepreneurs

Business Tools for Entrepreneurs

So many tasks, so little time. So many things to think about. Running your own operation can be hectic. Is this you?

Because it was definitely me. Balancing multiple businesses, brands, and projects and keeping them all afloat can get crazy . Knowing where a project stands, the progress, and the workflow  are essential for me to make everything efficient and simple to do. These are some of the business tools I use and LOVE to have in my arsenal.

business tools

1. Asana

When building out a project, organization & delegation are key. With Asana, you can organize and plan workflows, projects, and more so you can keep you or your team’s work on schedule. If you don’t have a team, don’t be discouraged. Asana can help you keep track of personal or small business goals with the help of checklists, milestones, progress charts, and integrations to your favorite systems like Dropbox, Adobe, Slack, and many more.

business tools

2. Fiverr

Build your own team of graphic designers, web developers, or SEO strategists on Fiverr. When outsourcing, you need to find reliable and ultimately low-cost freelancers that are able to help you provide whatever service you’d need. By hiring a freelancer, you get more work done faster and can provide clients with more services. If your department is understaffed, you can build your own super team of freelancers. Check out Fiverr here.

business tools

3. Hubspot

One of the only 100% free business tools that has everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers. I can use Hubspot to organize my contacts, get deeper insights on every lead, and monitor deals with ease — all for free. I’ve found it easier with Hubspot to capture leads and close them as customers. My favorite tool is the email tracking so I get notified every time a client opens my email so I can follow up with them in a few days. They also offer free sales tools for the individual salesperson to connect with more leads and close more deals. There are limitations with the free version, so I recommend upgrading to one of the paid packages so you don’t prevent your business from fully growing. Check out Hubspot’s services here.


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Alex Quin is a full-stack marketing expert and global keynote speaker. Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of UADV Marketing - a member of the Forbes Agency Council.

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