What is a chatbot? ft. Mikael Yan (CEO of ManyChat) with Alex Quin | Episode #13

Episode Description

In this episode, Alex Quin talks with Mikael Yan, an entrepreneur who is revolutionizing how businesses are interacting with their customers. Mikael is the CEO of ManyChat, a messenger bot platform that is sending around 20 billion messages a month between businesses and customers. Mikael shared how he came up with this innovative company, the struggles he faced building ManyChat, and how ManyChat will change the Messenger Marketing industry.

Listen in to find out why messenger bots is a tool that will change your business and how ManyChat can improve subscribers communication.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

In this conversation, Mikael and I shared:

  • What is ManyChat?
  • How to move from a cool idea to your first customer
  • Sticking with your business when times get tough
  • Why rejection and failure are part of the “entrepreneur” job description
  • Why entrepreneurship is like surfing
  • So, what is a chatbot again?
  • How can a chatbot help my business?

Podcast Outline

[1:35] What is ManyChat?

[7:00] How did you get interested in technology?

[10:25] Getting people interested in ManyChat

[12:10] Sticking with your business when it’s difficult

[13:30] Inspiration for your entrepreneurial hustle

[14:15] Dealing with rejection and failure

[21:18] What is a chatbot?

[23:00] Here’s how a chatbot could work in a restaurant

[26:55] How effective are chatbots?

[27:42] Alex’s reasons for getting started with ManyChat

Mikael Yan & Alex Quin // On Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Power Quotes: What is a chatbot?

“At some point, we should persist long enough until something happens.”
“That’s basically what you do as a CEO, communication.”
“Forty people said ‘no’ to us.”
what is a chatbot - mikael yang - hustle inspires hustle podcast



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