Episode Description

This is the second episode of the two-part series with Frankie P. In this episode, Alex and Frankie discuss setbacks they've experienced during the last two years, Interviews and meet-ups with music icons, and how they both continue to stay motivated through it all.

Wisdom Nuggets

  • Be Prepared For Setbacks: Nobody is immune to setbacks and failures, so it's important to be prepared for them. During the pandemic, a lot of businesses had to pivot and adjust. Some called it quits. By being prepared for any kind of challenge and having a plan in place to adjust, you can minimize the impact of any unexpected blip.

  • Radio Is Pivoting: Radio is no exception to the changing times. With streaming services, satellite radio, and podcasting becoming more popular, traditional broadcast radio has had to pivot its content in order to stay relevant. Social media and influencers are also playing a bigger role in radio, as they provide an avenue for direct connection with listeners.

  • It's okay to be nervous: Being nervous indicates that you care about something and feel passionate about it. Frankie learned that being a bit out of his comfort zone can bring out his best work.

Episode Outline

00:41: Overcoming Major Obstacles

01:43: Swimming Naked

Frankie P With Alex Quin - Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

05:37: Radio Is Evolving

10:36: Influences While Growing Up

12:48: Meeting Celebrities In The Music Scene

15:59: Interviewing JLo

19:00: Staying Positive Through It All

23:16: The Superman Position

Frankie P With Alex Quin - Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

25:03: Frankie Showing Off His Radio Skills

25:18: Episode Summary

Power Quotes

"Focus on what you need to do. Do it to the best of your ability and then revisit those feelings" - Frankie P on managing emotions.

"You just gotta get to work, and you gotta stop complaining" - Alex Quin on picking yourself up after a major change in your life.


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