The Power of PR & Connecting With People ft. Elina Adut with Alex Quin

Episode Description

In this episode, Alex Quin chats with Elina Adut, PR expert and Founder and CEO of The Exclusive Agency. Elina has spent the past 11 years rising the ranks as a publicist before stepping out to start her own agency and build a network of clients. She has had a lot of experience working in both the business and promotion side of music and television for English and Spanish audiences. In today’s episode, Elina and Alex talk about the art of connecting and collaborating with people in an industry. Elina encourages people to keep learning, never give up in following the path of what you want to do.

Wisdom Nuggets

  • Bring Value To People: Break out of the self centered bubble. The best way to start working and connecting with people, especially if you want to get more clients, is to understand how they work and what problems they need to solve. Communicate in a way where you are bringing value to them and how you can help them rather than approaching it selfishly. Pride is the devil when you are trying to build a strong network.
  • Never Stop Learning: We only stop learning when we breathe our last breath. Until then, never stop learning and growing. It is important to stay updated with what is going on in your industry and the world around you. Reading is cool. Researching and learning are a part of the hustle. 

Podcast Outline

[01:15] What's going on everyone 

[02:00] Elina’s background

[02:41] Getting started in the PR industry

[04:48] What Elina wanted to do growing up

[05:46] Behind every artist is a rockstar team

[06:40] The influential people in Elina’s life

[09:00] Getting recognized by Billboard

[11:24] I’ve reached where I am because of the people around me

[11:46] A day in the life of a publicist

[13:13] Travelling to Mexico on work

[14:04] Hey (break)

[15:50] Common misconceptions in the PR industry

[17:00] The difference between PR and Marketing 

[17:46] The way to approach people you want to work with

[19:48] Jason Feifer advice from

[21:00] Formality has gotten lost in this generation

[21:40] Chrome Plugin

[23:16] Always keep learning

[25:04] Drop your ego

[26:36] Reach out to work with Elina

[28:00] Take advantage of the opportunities out there

[29:06] Don’t give up

Alex Quin ft Elina Adut // Hustle Inspires Hustle Poscast

Power Quotes

  • “If you want to get far these days, you have to be a team player” - Alex Quin 6:20
  • “The people that did me right and the people that did me wrong are both a part of my journey.” Alex Quin 11:22
  • “Take effort to understand people’s problems and see how you can bring them value. Life is not just about you.” 18:24 Alex Quin
  • “It is so important for a business owner to never stop learning” - Elina Adut 23:49
  • “Life can be really discouraging sometimes, but if you want to do something, don’t give up until you do it.” - Elina Adut 29:06


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