Quick Networking Tips, ft. Zachary Babcock (Podcast Host of Underdog Empowerment), with Alex Quin | Episode #12

Episode Description

In this episode, Alex Quin talks with Zachary Babcock, ex-convict turned entrepreneur and Top-Rated Podcast Host of Underdog Empowerment. Zachary reached out to me in a unique way and got a spot on the show as a result. In our conversation, we dive into a real-talk conversation about not accepting excuses, networking the right way, and building a legacy your kids and future self will be proud of.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who has let a label (“too old”, “too young”, etc) stop you from reaching your dreams, this podcast show will knock you off the couch and into action.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

In this conversation, Zachary & Alex Quin shared:

  • The unique way Zachary caught Alex’s attention
  • Zachary’s transition from a hard-to-hire ex-convict to entrepreneur and podcaster
  • Zachary’s first mistakes in the networking game
  • Why mentors are so important
  • The lesson Zachary hopes to pass down to his children
Credit: Underdog Empowerment

Podcast Outline

[[3:00] Who is Zachary Babcock?
[6:53] What advice would you give your 18-year old self if you could go back in time?
[8:26] Zachary’s personal journey for a more meaningful life
[10:13] How Zachary learned how NOT to network
[13:37] Zachary’s newest focus
[15:00] What advice would you give to your twins?

Power Quotes

“I always wanted to be the father I never had.”
“I became an entrepreneur because I couldn’t get a job.”
“The podcast really changed the trajectory of my career. Before getting into the podcast, I was just some some ex-convict turned entrepreneur..."
“Podcasting is all about networking.”


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About Our Guest

Zachary Babcock is a former prisoner who became an entrepreneur and the host of Underdog Empowerment Podcast.
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