Building an Effective Successful Team, ft. Daniel Columbie (CEO of Prop Movie Money), with Alex Quin | Episode #05

Episode Description

In this episode, we talk with Daniel Columbie, CEO of Prop Movie Money, and fellow hustler who turned an unusual opportunity  (making fake prop money) into a life-transforming business opportunity. Daniel shares how he got started in this unusual opportunity and how he collaborated on a powerful opportunity to inspire other entrepreneurs. He also shares why it’s important to build your empire with hustle and teamwork, not ego, to get where you need to go.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

In this conversation, Daniel Columbie and Alex Quin shared the following wisdom nuggets:

  • How to turn a one-time opportunity into money maker
  • Keeping your ego out of your progress
  • Why persisting and failure are the keys to growing as an entrepreneur
  • The difference between a boss mentality and a leader mentality
  • Why you need to learn and listen from everyone that crosses your path
  • How to pay it forward in a big way

Podcast Outline

[1:44] How Daniel started went from working in movies to producing things in the movie

[6:20] The keys to staying humble when your life levels up

[7:40] How do you make a business out of making fake money?

[8:45] What were some of the biggest projects you worked on?

[11:02] Learning from failure

[12:47] How do you successfully manage a team?

[18:54] Building partnerships & giving back 


Power Quotes

“I don’t think there is anything with ego.” It’s just a certain amount…”
“I think the key to success is just follow through.”

Resources Mentioned

Prop Movie Money’s film & TV Projects

Build Your Empire Facebook Team

Google Calendar



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