Successful Team Building ft. Guillermo Olivo (Executive Producer at US 27 Studios) with Alex Quin | EP 37

Episode Description

They say that there is no “I” in team. See why team building is an effective and proven way to reach success. Alex sits down with Guillermo Olivo. Guillermo is the Executive Producer at US 27 Studios and the brain behind many video productions like Plastic Crack Documentary. They discuss the importance of Networking and breaking out of your comfort zone. With many stories and experiences to share, Guillermo and Alex were both able to assemble their own dream teams and cultivate a culture of growing together.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

  • Always take care of your team and your team will take care of you. Cultivate a culture of learning new things and overcoming challenges together.
  • Be open and accepting of new ideas. There’s always more to learn and be taught.

Podcast Outline

[03:12] In the toy collecting community, plastic crack is...

[04:23] A little background of your experience in the industry

[05:47] Some of the projects that you remember most

[08:16] This guy is hustling 24/7

[10:13] One of our projects Take a Ride

[12:24] Networking is super important

[13:36] Anybody can make connections out here

[17:50] During quarantine, you shouldn’t be stationary

[18:35] Get FREE Resources

[20:42] Not burning bridges is one of the keys to success

[24:55] It’s not a matter of quantity but of quality

[27:40] Never assume that you know it all

[28:05] She beat the cr*p out of me playing Street Fighter

[30:43] Our main business is Advertising

[34:28] Live in the present, learn from the past 

Power Quotes

“Every experience down the road helps you to get where you want to go.” - Guillermo Olivo
“It’s time to reinvent yourself and it’s time to take new risks.” - Guillermo Olivo
“Cultivate a culture that’s efficient.” - Alex Quin
“Always be open to know. Always be open to learn. Always be open to new things.” - Guillermo Olivo
Guillermo Olivo & Alex Quin Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

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