Meet Charles Nader: Healthcare CEO & Blockchain Expert

Meet Charles Nader: Healthcare CEO & Blockchain Expert

Blockchain technology is versatile and most experts in the field are familiar with its potential. It has applications beyond the cryptocurrency and finance industries, and Charles Nader recognized that early on. Charles is the founder and CEO of, an innovative decentralized platform that provides free basic healthcare and health education to people all over the world.

Charles Nader

His Background

Charles Nader had always been passionate about medicine and helping people in need. That is what compelled him to pursue a medical degree at Anahuac University. As a medical student in Mexico City, he knows how difficult it was for poor people to get proper medical assistance.  

As a result, this didn’t just inspire him to continue his medical education but also awakened a desire to do something to rectify the situation. His vision above all was to create a single universal platform that contained reliable and unbiased medical information.

charles nader

His Contributions

Nader is a serial entrepreneur who has worked for a large number of interesting and unique business ideas. His biggest passion project is, which he launched with his university colleague Isao Hojyo. He then ventured to establish Doc Health US, which is a 24/7 telemedicine service. It connects patients to medical professionals all around the world from an app on their phone.

When these services became successful, he finally started Doc Emotions US, which provides patients with mental health concerns 24/7 support. All of these platforms utilize modern technology to ensure everyone has access to proper healthcare. Chuck Nader believes in free and standard healthcare to all is the best way to improve the quality of life across the board. He aims to use both Blockchain technology and AI to reach his goals in this field.  

Charles Nader


Charles has won several awards and accolades over the years. He speaks on Blockchain, AI, and related technologies regularly in the hopes of bringing more bright minds into this field. As a result, Nader was featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine, and his Blockchain-based healthcare platform has been featured in several well-known publications.

Nader was also invited to be a part of the “Technology Enabled Blitzscaling” program at Stanford. He implemented everything he learned from Stanford in his business.

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