The Rise Of AI in 2023: Marketing Trends To Look Out For  Ft. Keven Pimentel & Michelle Chia With Alex Quin

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Join us on this episode of Hustle Inspires Hustle as we discuss current marketing trends.  Listen in now to gain valuable insight!

In this episode of Hustle Inspires Hustle, Alex Quin, with Keven Pimentel, the founder of Quemassa Marketing Agency, and Michelle Chia, the global marketing director at UADV, discussed marketing trends for 2023. There are various tools you could use to help the growth of your business, and this episode highlights a number of them. These are trends that have either worked for them or worked for people they know. Either way, there are talking from experience.

Wisdom Nuggets:

  • Utilize ChatGPT: ChatGPT is a new tool that just came into existence and is fast growing. It is a tool you can utilize for generating premium content. It provides any information you request of it as long as it is not beyond the year 2021.
  • Create Concise Video Content: Creating video content is a marketing trend that will aid the growth of your business, but it doesn't have to be extremely sophisticated. Video content doesn't have to go all out and create a Hollywood film.
  • Work With An Experienced Consultant: Go for an experienced consultant who either understands your industry or has enough experience to be able to understand your industry, as this will make it easier for them to provide sound advice.

Podcast Outline:

(1:23) Some Quick Plays On Marketing Trends

(5:28) Text Message Campaigns

(6:32) Growing Trends

(7:50) Chat Bots Are Not A Terrible Thing

Michelle Chia - Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

(8:34) Video Content Inspiration

(13:12) Inbound marketing

(16:27) Long-term plays on marketing trends

(21:41) Creating An Omnichannel Experience.

(25:27) Building Online Communities

(28:55)  The Future Is AI

Keven Pimentel - Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Power Quotes:

“Don't think that you know what's best for your customers. Test it and let them tell you what's best for them.” - Keven
“If you think paying for the price for experts is high, wait until you pay the price for amateurs.” - Michelle
“When you provide enough value in communities, and then provide an offer within those communities, you'd be surprised how many people will purchase.” - Alex

Resources Mentioned:

Jeremy Haynes

School of bots



Omnichannel Marketing

Marketing Compliance

Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

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