How to Turn Your Regrets into Success

How to Turn Your Regrets into Success

“I regret that”

Said everyone ever trying to deal with regret. Regret is something every human deals with on a daily basis. It is sometimes hard to understand why we feel this way and how we can move past this. It is time to put the past behind your and learn how to deal with regret and move forward.

First your must examine what your regret is, and what is triggering you to feel this way. Most of the time regret can stop us from moving forward. It can take over your head space and cause you to dwell on the past instead of tomorrow.

Here are some tips to deal with regret:

1. Examine and figure out what your feelings of regret are

There are many different types of regret which can include loss, anger, shame, past relationships, or sadness. Rethinking and regretting can cause anxiety. By causing this anxiety it could lead you to make even worse decisions that you will regret later. By examining yourself and seeing what you feel you will be able to better control these emotions and put them behind you. The past is the past and evidently can not be changed.

How to Turn Your Regrets into Success

2. Write things down

It may sound cliche, but making a list and seeing things on paper can actually clear your mind and make you feel less anxious. Ask yourself “Whats next?” “Whats in store for me” This will motivate you into changing your actions and improve your behavior the next time a similar situation occurs.

How to Turn Your Regrets into Success

3. Learn your lesson and move on

  • Everyone experiences regret and it can be a very important lesson and tool for your future. No one is perfect. The important thing to take away from your mistake is how you can move past it. Use your knowledge to hustle your way to the top. You know you have it in you.
  • Turn your mistakes into gratitude
  • Instead of saying “I should have” and “I could have” You should instead be saying “I can be better today by…” “Because this happened, I am a smarter and more hardworking individual” Doing a self assessment isn’t fun, but it can help you analyze your weaknesses and most importantly, turn them into strengths. And with strength, comes success.

No one is perfect, but we must strive to succeed no matter how much the world fights back. You must not let the past control your future. It is behind you for a reason, and now the only way to go is up.

How to Turn Your Regrets into Success

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Alex Quin is a full-stack marketing expert and global keynote speaker. Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of UADV Marketing - a member of the Forbes Agency Council.

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