Best Business Apps for Small Businesses

Best Business Apps for Small Businesses

Modern professionals have a lot to do and very little time to accomplish their tasks. If your work life is disorganized, it can feel chaotic and overwhelming. This can have a big impact on overall productivity as well as your work-life balance. Fortunately, there are many business apps available today to help you organize your life and improve productivity. Here’s a list of some of the best apps to keep your work life organized:

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a versatile application that can make organizing your life easier. This app can be especially useful to people who like the calendar blocking method of organization. You can view multiple calendars in the same spread or work on single calendars to keep things organized. Users can create spreads for work, personal, special events, special projects, and other such categories and label them with different colors.

Google Calendar syncs seamlessly on all devices and you can also backup your data. The information in it is always easily accessible. It is free to use and works on Windows, Apple, and Android devices.

2. Asana

Asana makes it easy for you and your team to stay on track of tasks and complete more objectives. The app shows you a list of all your or team members’ tasks for the day, their due dates, and project progress. You can stop worrying about when this task was due or who is in charge of what. Get a simple layout of your projects and then set up their different categories: marketing, SEO, graphic design, etc. Once those are set up, you can go into more detail and set up subcategories: email marketing, traditional marketing, social media, and more. Create the tasks for each subcategory then assign it to the designated team member with a due date. Asana will also send you daily notifications of your tasks due that day to keep you on track of your assignments.

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3. HoneyBook

HoneyBook is basically the ultimate all-in-one business app. Get clients faster with the project managing, invoicing and payments management platform. HoneyBook’s features help small businesses manage everything from sending clients proposals or contracts to paying their invoices all in their app. Their easy 3 step client booking process makes your business more automated and efficient. Send your client their invoice, contract, and payment all in one go without having to wait with back and forth emails. You can also store all your contracts there and have them ready to send for your clients to sign without having to use multiple business apps.

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4. Dropbox/Google Drive

If you have all your data, projects, and documents stored in one, easily-accessible location, your work-life is much more organized. Dropbox and Google Drive allow you to store all important files in the cloud. They can be accessed through apps on any device and from any location. The basic plans are free, but you can add more storage based on your requirements at an affordable cost. All information syncs up on different devices quickly and it is easier to share files with other members of your team.

These business apps can help you organize your work life and save time. You’ll get more accomplished and might not feel so overwhelmed by the workload. Learn how to work smarter not harder, use your time more efficiently so you can get more stuff done throughout the day.

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