Writing Engaging Copy in Marketing ft. Elaine Pofeldt (Journalist & Author), with Alex Quin | Episode #17

Episode Description

We’ve teamed up with ManyChat’s Conversations 2019 as the official podcast sponsor! So our first episode in our ManyChat series is Elaine Pofeldt, who is a journalist and author that has recently worked with publications including Forbes, The Economist, Fortune, Inc., CNBC, and many others. Your business needs to be able to communicate to your audience, so we sit down and explain the keys in connecting with people through copy. Learn from Elaine’s experience on how to “listen” to your audience and apply it to your copy.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

  •  It’s not about having the big office or the big team, it’s about having the right people who are happy with what they do.
  • Entrepreneurship is lonely sometimes, seek community and attend events to network and grow connections.

Podcast Outline

[01:37] Who is Elaine Pofeldt

[03:30] It’s all about efficiency

[04:33] More than ⅔ of businesses are one person businesses

[06:10] Save my phone #!

[07:00] You need to educate yourself

[08:08] Figure out what you want to monetize

[09:44] Give yourself a break

[10:37] You can’t be in front of the laptop all the time

[11:10] A new way I run my business

[12:55] I started off as a staff writer

[15:58] A big part of it is listening

[17:20] Where to find Elaine

Elaine Pofeldt & Alex Quin | On Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Elaine Pofeldt & Alex Quin Power Quotes

“The world doesn’t stop so why would your education stop?” - Alex Quin
“Business is about people, connecting with people” - Elaine Pofeldt 

Resources Mentioned

Elaine’s LinkedIn

Million Dollar One Person Business

The E Myth


Elaine Pofeldt & Alex Quin | Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

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