Why You Should Take Marketing Compliance Seriously // Episode 96

Episode Description

Compliance is a key element to consider when it comes to creating and executing successful campaigns that are both legal and ethical. In this episode, Host, Alex Quin, delves into the importance of compliance in marketing and the benefits it can bring to your business. He also shares the various ways of ensuring your marketing efforts comply with all relevant legal and ethical regulations to help create successful campaigns that reach their intended audience. Listen for insights on the importance of compliance in marketing and how it can help you stay ahead of the competition! 

Wisdom Nuggets

  • Compliance is a necessary part of successful campaigns - it will help if you understand the regulations that apply to your industry and act accordingly
  • The benefits of compliant marketing are numerous, including increased trust with customers, improved reputation, and less risk of legal consequences
  • There are various ways to ensure compliance in your marketing efforts - from using reliable resources, such as legal professionals or industry associations, to keeping up with industry updates
  • Compliance is an ongoing process - make it a habit of keeping track of changing regulations or industry trends

Episode Outline

[00:42] - Intro

[01:35] - Why Should Your Products Be Compliant?

[02:36] - Types Of Marketing Compliance

[04:52] - The Risks of being non-compliant 

[05:48] - International And Domestic Guidelines

[06:43] - Closing Remarks

Resources Mentioned

Entrepreneur Marketing Compliance Article

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