How Online Marketing is Constantly Changing ft. Jeff Lerner with Alex Quin | EP 52

Episode Description

Alex Quin and Jeff Lerner discuss how online marketing is changing constantly. How you can stay motivated and have the right people in your circle to continue to learn, grow and succeed. Jeff Lerner has all the secrets on how to make money online the right way with no bullsh*t. From broke musician to real estate agent, to club promoter, Jeff has tried everything to make his way to the top. If you're ready to be a top online marketer today, this episode is for you.

Wisdom Nuggets

Online learning is very difficult for people to adapt. It's up to our daily discipline getting up at the right time, doing our work, being consistent, following up, and building a team out. Or collaborating with other people, you don't have to do it by yourself.  

Allow yourself to work with other people. Don’t feel like youre gonna ask stupid questions, don’t act like no one will take you seriously, connect with these people and find them. Find a community with people that do what you love to do and get your feet wet 

Podcast Outline

[01:15] What's going on everybody

[01:48] Share a little bit about your story

[02:07] I spent most of my 20s as a musician

[02:39] Everythings really hard when you're living on an artist salary

[03:08] I was always trying to start businesses 

[04:16] They loaned me hundreds of thousands of dollars

[05:38] I had the absolute rock bottom

[06:24] Good trainings not enough online

[07:10] 500 grand in 18 months

[07:37] 10 million in commissions

[08:21] The most frustrating thing about my experience

[09:31] I got really burned out

[10:12] There's a power here

[10:34] Entre-institute

[11:21] The new economy

[12:12] I was a marketer online for 10 years

[14:05] It was a high headache model


[15:49] That was my problem when I started UADV

[17:18] They’re repeating what they hear from someone else

[18:36] It's up to our daily discipline

[18:49] Hey (break) 

[19:35] Everybody responds to stress differently

[22:05] I have an all or nothing unconditional demand

[24:26] Be open to speaking to other people

[25:41] The belief has to come from somewhere

[26:53] I'm taller than these guys 

[27:26] A Lot of people like to help

[28:16] Are you serious and are you in it for the long haul 

[31:03] It was impossible to say yes to everybody 

[34:14] Thank you for joining me

 Jeff Lerner  Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Power Quotes

“No ones gonna listen to me if they don't know who i am, There's certain businesses that require visibility” - Jeff Lerner 
 “When it's sink or swim, you just learn to swim” - Jeff Lerner 
“When accomplished successful people see that you're serious committed and doing the work, you immediately differentiate yourself from 99% of the people that are coming to them basically wanting something for nothing that they're not even going to implement anyways.” - Jeff Lerner 
“Take all the wisdom and experience that other people are giving you and apply it to your specific situation.” - Alex Quin 


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