What is Copywriting? ft. Eddie Shleyner (Founder of Very Good Copy) with Alex Quin | EP 54

Episode Description

On this episode, Alex Quin chats with Eddie Shleyner, founder of Very Good Copy. Eddie breaks down how he started his blog “Very Good Copy” and how important copy is in a business. Business is filled with one main thing...Words. From call to actions, websites, text messages to clients, and more copy is the number one item that is overlooked by business owners. But it is probably the most important! Alex walks you through how copy can engage your clients to help you grow as an entrepreneur and business owner. 

Wisdom Nuggets

You have to look at yourself as a problem solver, and the problem you're trying to solve is how to get this one individual to take specific actions. 

To document your knowledge is great. For those that have the opportunity to share your knowledge, you realize that in teaching you learn as well. It keeps you sharp, it keeps people interested and most importantly it brings you business opportunities. 

Whether you are putting out content or consuming content, make sure you're always filling your brain with good data and good knowledge. With things that are going to help you move forward and help you scale

Podcast Outline

[01:15] What’s going on everyone 

[01:44] Talk to us about “Very Good Copy”

[03:07] 30k+ on Linkedin  

[04:53] The principles of advertising haven't really changed

[05:20] Psychology is really at the root of copywriting

[06:41] The idea always comes from somewhere out in the world 

[07:46] And then comes the editing process

[08:35] It's all just the benefiting of practicing 

[09:29] Just because you simplify, doesn't mean you’re not an expert writer

[10:44] You're an artist in words

[11:11] You're really a problem solver 

[12:03] If you can explain something simply, that means you understand it

[12:41] You should be speaking as simply as you can 

[13:10] Hey (break) 

[14:41] Copywriting isn't english 

[15:51] Direct response copywriting 

[17:40] Theres two types of copywriting

[17:55] I started “Very Good Copy” 

[18:45] Just said F*ck it, go freelance

[19:22] It's been 6 years since I bought the domain 

[20:52] Building that sense of community 

[21:19] From a performance marketing perspective 

[21:47] Broken down aspect of what it's like to be a member of  “Very Good Copy”

[26:41] You don’t know what you don’t know

[27:40] Eddie what are your platforms on social media

[28:51] Creating something for specific platforms 

[29:30] Thank you for jumping on the podcast today 

[31:05] See you on the next episode 

Power Quotes

“Just because you simplify, doesn't mean you’re not an expert writer” - Alex Quin
“If you can explain something simply, that means you understand it” - Eddie Shleyner
“If you understand a market, and you can write well enough, you can sell anything” - Eddie Shleyner
“There really is no downside to sharing your knowledge with other people” - Eddie Shleyner


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