Want to get more Instagram followers? ft. Anthony Santiago (Social Media Strategist), with Alex Quin | Episode #10

Episode Description

In the short and sweet “entrepreneurial education nuggets” episode, Alex talks with Anthony Santiago, an Instagram master who does high-profile Instagram networking and growth strategies for some of the biggest names out there (Gary V. being one of them). 
Anthony shares what it takes to grow your personal (or business) brand on Instagram, why persistence is essential to growing fast, and how to network upward. If you are an entrepreneur who uses IG to grow their business, don’t miss this episode with the guy who made multiple Instagram pages hitting 1 million followers.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

In this conversation, Alex Quin and Anthony discuss:

  • Why networking is important to any entrepreneur-online and offline
  • Not falling for the trap of instant gratification
  • Where to find a mentor if you don’t have one
  • The key problem in someone trying to build a personal brand

Podcast Outline

[2:00] When did you start getting serious about networking with other entrepreneurs?

[5:50] Understanding the trap of instant gratification

[7:00} Finding mentors and advisors when you are doing something new

[08:05] What kind of service do you offer people on Instagram?

[10:00] What should you do to get more attention on Instagram?

Power Quotes

When I first started...it was just called hustling.”

“It took me 4 years to hit it…” [getting 1 million followers on Instagram]

“It took me 6 months to my first 10,000 followers.”

“The Internet is my mentor ...No one taught me how to do Instagram. I taught myself.”

“You have to be in front of them if you want to them to [interact] with you.”

Network with Anthony on Instagram

Anthony Santiago: @anthonyy

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