How to Network at an Event ft. Brian Breach (Viral Instagram Influencer), with Alex Quin | Episode #06

Episode Description

In today’s episode, we talk about a skill that many entrepreneurs want but aren't trained in: networking like a boss.

I talk with networking superstar, musician, and multi-business entrepreneur who used the power of networking to help his businesses grow in massive ways, Brian Breach.

Brian and I talk about how to properly network and other networking tips to help you make the most of the relationships on your entrepreneurial journey. We talk about different tools you can use and networking tips now to improve your networking game.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

In this conversation, Alex and Brian drop knowledge on the following subjects:

  • How to give proper networking introductions (whether you connect online or on social media)
  • The right and wrong ways to network
  • An elevator pitch you can use for almost any networking event
  • The importance of follow-up
  •  The real-life struggle & hustle you’ll face as a new entrepreneur
  • How to use any failure in life to make you better
  • Why you can’t let excuses stop your networking

Podcast Outline

[2:45] How do you network right?

[5:32] The Law of Averages

[6:27] Networking at events

[8:35] Confidence and developing your elevator pitch

[9:12] More tips to help you network

[10:25] Why follow-up is king when it comes to networking

[11:20] How to network like a boss (on a budget)

[13:44}Brian’s real-life origin story as a multi-business entrepreneur

[15:00] Why being an entrepreneur is not for everyone

[17:48] A quick formula that will increase your networking success

[19:35] Dropping excuses 

[20:29] Transforming failure into fuel

[22:27] Why age is not a factor

[24:20] Quick Shoutout to a Power Networking in the Making: Prince Ali

Power Quotes

“If you’re going to hit somebody up, you gotta bring something to the table.”
“There is no such thing as the perfect moment. You see something...Do it.”
“It took them 10 years to make a one-hit wonder.”


How to survive without a job through failure

About Our Guest

Brian Breach is a musical artist turned multi-business owner of Sikey Clothing, GTPS Independent Label, Check out Brian Breach's Billboard on his social media:

Brian Breach on Twitter

Brian Breach on LinkedIn

Brian Breach on YouTube channel

Brian Breach on Facebook

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