The Rise of ClickUp ft Chris Cunningham with Alex Quin

Episode Description

In this episode of the Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast, Alex Quin speaks with Chris Cunningham, senior brand strategist and founding member at ClickUp! ClickUp is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Alex and Chris reminisce about the early days of social media, discuss their thoughts on ClickUp's growth and drop insightful info on modern tech that will change the way we manage our businesses in the future.

Wisdom Nuggets: 

  • Alex and Chris talk about how the world is changing so fast, from social media to having things augmented in our glasses. Tech is evolving rapidly, and we as hustlers and business owners have to take advantage of this. Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, and the metaverse are where things are going!
  • Chris shares advice on using various social media channels for marketing and influencer campaigns. He shares that each media channel has its own thing. For example, one of twitter's best features is "threads". It brings a lot of traction.
  • Organization is important in everyday life! This is one thing Click Up aims to help people with. Without Organization, we are basically just living life minute by minute. This is why having routines, putting goals into writing, and creating a schedule is important.
  • Leadership needs to remain creative and inclusive. This creates a positive environment for growth.

Podcast Outline:  

[01:18] Podcast begins

[01:19] Bro, we gotta thank instagram for this episode, because that’s where we connected- Alex

[01:42] Still trying to take it in. From 110 employees to 843! - Chris

[01:57] Okay, so talk to me. How did you align with Click Up - Alex

[02:16] We played a prank, We faked that I won the lottery - Chris

[3:14] We [Originally] built Click Up Just for ourselves - Chris

[3:38] Before clickup, What were your plans for life? - Alex

[4:50] What’s clickup? - Alex

[5:53] Our goal is to keep building features - Chris

[6:23] I recently dropped an article on forbes about the metaverse - Alex

[8:50] How would you describe your involvement with clickup? - Alex.

[11:10] I am just trying to learn how to go viral - Chris

[15:38] Break

[16:45] What we have done really well is keep a positive company culture - Chris

[18:11] What is the ideal profile for a click up hire? - Alex

[22:20] “Don’t change what isn’t broken” - Alex

[23:10] How do you unwind? - Alex

[25:23] Always look to the future - Alex

[32:41] Podcast ends

Power Quotes:  

[6:35] “Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Is where things are going.” - Alex Quin 

[8:10] “We gotta keep innovating while also understanding what makes us human.” - Alex Quin

[18:58] “The biggest part of your job as a founder/CEO is hiring. That is, getting the right people under you.” - Chris Cunningham

[25:23] “Always look to the future” - Alex Quin

[27:41] “Read books and put them to action” - Alex Quin

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