Chris Voss & Alex Quin The Art of Negotiation in Business Part 2 ft. (Author of Never Split The Difference)

Episode Description

This is Part 2 of our 2 Part series with Chris Voss on the Art of Negotiation in Business. Alex Quinand Chris explore the remaining tools of negotiation such as discovering Black Swans, enhancing business relationships, asking calibrated how and what questions instead of why, and thoughts on opinion shopping. Discover how to handle business negotiations, how to be a better negotiator, and structure better business deals in this episode.

Wisdom Nuggets

  • Black swans are the pieces of information that change everything
  • Recognition sounds useless, but it is so useful. Recognition of problems helps people clear their heads. 
  • Using why questions can tend to bring people’s guard up. There's a better way to phrase a question. Switch Why to what. 

Podcast Outline

[01:29] So we’re having a conversation with somebody in business…

[01:50] But the ultimate and the end goal

[01:59] When I close a deal

[02:19] I should listen to what problems they have

[02:27] Let’s break down black swan a little bit

[02:41] This is the biggest mistake that most people make

[03:09] You’re not going to be able to find

[03:21] What makes more sense

[03:48] So go to the table and start gathering information

[04:36] Sometimes people find themselves

[04:49] Break down of Accusation audits

[05:11] Concern about losses

[05:27] This whole issue on recognition

[05:46] There’s so many things you don’t know

[05:59] It's not always what you say it's how you say it

[06:11] Let’s talk about not using why questions

[07:29] You don’t enhance a relationship by…

[7:50] Our alternative would be (Why to What)

[08:13] The switch from why to what

[08:44] What are your thoughts on Opinion Shopping

[09:52] If you want to be a better negotiator 

[10:13] Don’t go anywhere else

[11:27] Do a little performance shopping

[11:36] FREE Resources 

[12: 13] Is there anybody that was a support system for you?

[13:30] I asked for advice and I followed it 

[14:24] I wanted to be a surgeon 

[15:02] Now I have the opportunity to 

[15:07] You never know where things are going to go 

[16:29] Newsletter is free 

Chris Voss & Alex Quin Power Quotes

The worst assumption you can possibly make in a negotiation is that you’re fully informed, you’re just not” - Chris Voss
“What makes more sense? To spend a month finding something or spend 10 minutes?” - Chris Voss
“Recognition of the problems help people clear their heads” - Chris Voss
“It’s so easy to switch from why to what.” - Chris Voss
“Never take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with” - Chris Voss


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