Running Your Business During a Pandemic ft. Eric Siu (CEO,Co-Founder at Clickflow) with Alex Quin | EP 33

Episode Description

In this episode, Alex sits down with Eric Siu, CEO/Co-Founder at Clickflow to talk about how to properly run your business during a pandemic. Organize your spending budgets and evaluate your team so your business will be prepared for any possible downturns. As Warren Buffett says, “only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked!”

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

  • It’s times like these where you realize the importance of watching your spending habits and organizing your life so you can be more prepared for another possible downturn.
  • Look at how you treat your team during these teams. Take care of the people that are going to support you and make the tough decisions you need to make with preparation.

Podcast Outline

[01:55] How to safeguard your Marketing during an economic downturn

[03:26] Not only protect your Marketing but your company too

[04:56] They know that winter is coming

[06:07] You have to make the decisions with confidence

[07:06] FREE access to materials and resources

[08:09] Take life by the horns

[9:00] Cutting nonessential contractors with a plan set in place

[10:07] Books that you recommend

[11:17] Talk to me about Clickflow

Power Quotes

“When you're looking at making big decisions for a business, you have to be looking at leading indicators not lagging indicators.” - Eric Siu
“The best time was yesterday, but now is the next best time.” - Eric Siu
“If you don’t have your life structured correctly, that money can go as fast as it came.” - Alex Quin
“The power of relationships shouldn’t be overlooked” - Alex Quin
Eric Siu & Alex Quin on Hustle Inspires HUstle Podcast

Resources Mentioned 

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Russell Brunson’s Book Triology 

Farnam Street


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