Andy Frisella (MFCEO) & Alex Quin | Master Your Mindset | Episode #01

Episode Description

In this episode, Alex Quin will discuss and debate with 1st EVER Podcast Guest Andy Frisella, CEO of 1st Phorm and host of the MFCEO Project and REAL AF podcast, about the struggle before and after the hustle. Andy shares the sacrifices and struggles he encountered on his way to success and the legacy he wants to leave behind. Andy also shares why its important to struggle for your own success, as you define it. Update: Andy Frisella has released the new REAL AF Podcast.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

In this conversation, Andy Frisella and Alex Quin shared the following wisdom nuggets:
● The transformation Andy took from a shy guy to the top business podcaster
● Why Andy doesn’t look back on his life with regret
● Balancing what you want in life vs what others want for you- and why that is not such a bad thing
● What really having haters means
● Why your social media aren’t your fans..They’re your business partners
● Andy's struggles from sleeping on an old mattress with his business partner to a 9 figure business
● The legacy Andy would like to leave behind

Andy Frisella & Alex Quin | Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Podcast Outline

[1:44] The family culture that thrives in all of Andy’s businesses
[4:05] Why did Andy Frisella start the MFCEO podcast?
[5:25] What advice would you give your 18-year old self?
[9:32] How to look back on your life without regret and how to look forward with positivity
[11:02] Learning from failure
[15:00] Balancing the life you want vs the life others want for you
[19:31] Why your social media followers are building a business with you
[22:07] Andy’s Truth: How he literally started from nothing
[26:54] Not taking your success for granted
[29:09] What should young entrepreneurs focus on?
[32:50} What kind of mentorship do you offer?
[36:23] How do you want to be remembered?

Andy Frisella Power Quotes

“The way that kids are raised now..They are raised by people who haven’t achieved..”
“I know the value of a customer..”
“After you have money...’Does it really matter?’”

About Our Guest

Andy Frisella describes himself as “fat, lazy, and unfocused” as a child until he developed the lessons from his dad about being aggressive about your life. From that point, he developed as a business man, marketer, and speaker. Currently, he is the CEO of 1st Phorm, the co-founder of Arete Syndicate, the #75Hard Challenge, a keynote speaker, and host of the MFCEO Project

Andy Frisella’s website
Andy Frisella on Instagram

Resources Mentioned

1st Phorm
Arete Syndicate
MFCEO Project Podcast

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