Finding The Right Business Mentors ft. Liram Sustiel Part 2 (Co-Founder of mph club) with Alex Quin

Episode Description

In this episode, we learn about Lee’s entrepreneurial attitude since elementary school and how every job he had led him to the creation of mph club - a not so average exotic car rental company with the nation’s largest collection of luxury and exotic vehicles available for rent. We also learn about how Alex Quin went from working at Pizza Hut to being the world renowned entrepreneur and keynote speaker that he is today. We explore how important it is to be grateful for every person who has helped you along the way. 

Wisdom Nuggets

As long as you follow a path that makes you happy and while doing something you love and doing right by people, eventually things are going to align for you. 

Relationships are extremely important, be grateful to the people who have been good to you, surround yourself with people who uplift you because Hustle Inspires Hustle. 

Liram Sustiel & Alex Quin Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Podcast Outline

[01:16] Welcome Back Pt 2

[01:50] It started (How the business started)

[03:02] I saved $800

[03:43] I learned the industry 

[05:13] I got my diploma 

[06:35] Sold the moving company

[10:10] I was blown away 

[11:01] Did some research

[11:10] Hey Break 

[12:22] We came up with the idea

[13:08] I still service my first client

[13:56] Our 4th car

[14:04] 10 years later we have over 40 cars on our feet

[15:17] My love for cars

[17:33] I know this sounds crazy

[18:08] You never know where you're going to end up

[20:26] You’re so in your head

[21:40] You guys got me at 18 years old 

[23:00] Where can we find you 

Liram Sustiel & Alex Quin Hustle Inspires Hustle mph club

Liram Sustiel & Alex Quin Power Quotes

Every time you meet with someone, make the connection, save their number, communicate with them, wish them happy birthday, Happy New Year, I will always do business with someone I'm familiar with more than I will do business with someone I'm not familiar with. - Liram Sustiel
You need to drop your ego, stop being so prideful, and allow people to help you.  - Alex Quin
There's no such thing as luck, luck is only when hard work meets opportunity. If you’re putting a lot of hard work it only takes one person to walk through that door to change your life.  - Alex Quin


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