Finding The Right Business Mentors ft. Liram Sustiel Part 1 (Co-Founder of mph club) with Alex Quin

Episode Description

Alex Quin chats with Liram Sustiel, Co-Founder of mph club - a not so average exotic car rental company with the nation’s largest collection of luxury and exotic vehicles available for rent. Lee is one of the key factors to Alex’s Marketing career and a major component in his journey through Entrepreneurship & Business. Learn about how mph club started from just renting three cars to running one of the most popular exotic car rentals in the country. This episode will teach you about the importance of building connections in your network and working your a*s off to become successful. 

Wisdom Nuggets

When creating content, don't be so serious, don't be afraid to really get funky, collaborate with artists, collaborate with creatives. Bring in the lifestyle, show people this is what you could look like, this is what you can feel. Spice it up a little bit.

Liram Sustiel & Alex Quin Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Podcast Outline

[01:29] What’s going on

[02:02] What mph club is

[04:13] The company was really young

[04:34] You guys gave me an opportunity 

[05:46] The first time I was doing an event

[06:45] I had many opportunities 

[07:33] The reason I started an advertising agency

[08:00] I want to make a name for myself in marketing 

[08:44] Trust people 

[11:11] Hey (Break) 

[12:44] Go to the show notes

[13:46] We’re here ten years later

[14:16] Collab with Jake Paul 

[14:32] Doc Antel

[17:11] I was marketing director here

[17:32] Relationships and Partnerships

[18:54] Trying to think outside of the box 

[20:05] You made it cool to rent a car

[21:01] Bringing the lifestyle 

[21:20] Thank you for joining me 

Liram Sustiel & Alex Quin Power Quotes

All of these partnerships are totally doable to people, you just have to find the opportunity. - Alex Quin
Maybe you don’t have these cars, Maybe you're not Steve Aoki, maybe you're not this famous person but what if you're the person that found the way to connect the dots. - Alex Quin
Liram Sustiel & Alex Quin at mph club | Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast


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