Artist Highlight: Loogart

Artist Highlight: Loogart

Who is Chris Soueidan? (Loogart)

Our first Artist Highlight goes out to Mr. Chris Soueidan, also known as Loogart. From entrepreneurs like Alex Quin, Grant Cardone, and Gary Vaynerchuk or even your neighborhood Spiderman, Soueidan has created what he calls “Loogmojis”. His distinct cartoon style takes any branding to a whole other level. He has partnered with major brands like Starbucks, Yellow Pages, and even the Prime Minister of Canada.
Loogart and Alex Quin teamed up for a major collaboration coming to you soon that will include the use of Alex’s Loogmoji. UADV sat down with Chris to learn more about him and his story on he created a new way to brand your business.

Alex Quin Loogmoji

Tell us your story…

My name is Chris Soueidan. My mother’s maiden name is Lugar. That is where my artist name “Loogart” comes from. I have been creating artwork and doodling since I was in kindergarten. I used to entertain people with my drawings at school, doing my classmate’s art homework for money and created artwork for dirt cheap for various associations. Despite these signs that should have pushed me into an art career, I selected Engineering and landed a management job at an elevator company. After several years of work, I was looking for a career change, but wasn’t sure where I was headed until I landed on Stanley Chow’s work on the Internet. This revolutionized the way I looked at art, since I right away realized you could get paid by clients to make art. At the end of 2011, I started messing around with modern day digital tools and started replicating Stan’s artwork as practice. In 2014, I created my first successful piece of art based off Montreal City landmarks which kicked started my career. Since then, Loogart has had the pleasure to work with awesome clients such as Starbucks, car2go, Grant Cardone, Yellow Pages, Otis Elevator, Government of Canada on illustration, graphic design and motion graphics projects. In 2018, Loogart was featured at high profile events such as the 10X Conference and the Influence Orbis Toronto Conference. Loogart has been pointed out on social media by Marc Anthony, Fluffy, Casey Neistat, Russell Peters and Alex Quin. It was also an honour for Loogart to give Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau his very own Loogmoji in July of 2018.

If you could work with anybody, who would it be?


What’s on your bucket list this year?

Meet Snoop Dogg and give him his Loogmoji in person. Land an Apple, Facebook or Google art contract. Build a family with my wife (we’re having twins in 2019!)

Snoop Dogg Loogmoji

How would you describe your style?

Minimal, geometric, caricaturesque and comical. I use thick bold lines and marry them to bright colours.

What is your all time favorite cartoon?

Tom and Jerry

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Follow your heart and listen to your calling. Especially if you have a talent – then it should be a strong enough sign of what you are put on this world to do. No one will live your life for you, so do it right, the way you want it.

What/Who inspires you?

Comedy and Hip Hop. And basketball. And obviously my hometown, Montreal City. These are things I love drawing and creating artwork for.

If you could change one thing on this world, what would it be?

Reverse the effects of validation through social media.

Nacho Libre Loogmoji

If you’re interested in Loogart/Loogmoji, click here to check out Chris’ website and social medias!

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