Becoming a Netflix Film Director ft Jessy Terrero with Alex Quin

Episode Description

The film industry is rapidly growing and founder of Cinema Giants, Jessy Terrero, is one of biggest influences there is today. In this episode, Alex Quin joins Jessy Terrero at Morplay Studios in Miami to discuss the transformation of the film/music video industry. Working with big artists like Wisin y Yandel and Nicky Jam, Jessy talks about his journey from how he went from acting on set to directing a Netflix series. Tune into today’s episode to learn more about Cinema Giants and how they’re paving the way for under-represented talent. 

Wisdom Nuggets

  • Be part of the change: In today’s world, it’s important to make strides towards the right direction. Nothing gets resolved by complaining about it, if you don’t like something then change something. Action leads to reaction. 

Podcast Outline

[01:20] In Miami at Morplay Studios with Jessy Terrero

[02:00] Where Latin Music is right now

[03:17] That’s where the love of film making started to come

[04:01] Going on that set is what changed my life

[05:35] I was kind of disappointed 

[06:08] What was your first big film project

[07:02] She was on the phone with Puff Daddy

[07:53] People started looking at me like the idea guy

[08:35] This era there’s so much access 

[09:40] You’ve worked with guys like Maluma, Marc Anthony 

[10:43] When I built my company, Cinema Giants

[11:24] Free Access to Resources on Business & Self-Development

[12:50] I’ve had a lot of lives

[13:56] I met Wisin y Yandel

[15:28] America’s new Hip Hop

[16:47] If it wasn’t for Hip Hop, I wouldn’t exist 

[19:00] Tell me the whole process of El Ganador

[20:40] Nicky Jam called me to do a video for El Amante 

[23:33] When it first came out, I was a little disappointed 

[25:20] I’m not a fan of the cancel culture

[26:24] Talk to me about Cinema Giants 

[27:09] The company was being judged for who I was

[28:49] Everyone thought I was crazy when I did El Ganador

[26:24] Talk to me about Cinema Giants 

[30:35] What is Cinema Giants looking like in 2035?

[32:17] How much time do you spend consuming content

[33:23] How do you want to be remembered 

Power Quotes

“If you don’t lay the bricks the right way, when the storm comes, the house is gonna fall apart” - Jessy Terrero (08:45)
“You can either continue to complain or you can be part of the change” - Jessy Terrero (13:24)
“Identify who you want to work with, how they work, and how you can bring value.” - Alex Quin (30:15)


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