How To Capitalize On High Ticket Sales: Essential Strategies to Make it Big Ft. Brett Kaufman With Alex Quin

Episode Description

Are you ready to capitalize on high ticket sales? Join Alex Quin and guest Brett Kaufman as they discuss the essential strategies for making it big in high-ticket sales. Learn how to initiate the sales process, handle objections and challenges, and follow up with prospects to increase sales.

Wisdom Nuggets

  • Be Vulnerable And Share Your Experience: Brett shares his experience on how being vulnerable with prospects during the sales process helps to establish a connection and build trust.

  • Know When To Say No: If you assess a prospect in an interview and find out you can't help them, it's better to say no and refer them to someone else rather than try to force a sale.

  • Be Organized: Having a way to sync all your tools and stay organized will make your sales process more efficient and effective.

Episode Outline

[00:41] - Intro

[01:13] - Getting Into High Ticket Sales

[02:48] - How To Successfully Close High Ticket Sales

[03:50] - Handling Objections And Challenges During The Sales Process

 Brett Kaufman - Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast With Alex Quin

[05:59] - Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Trying To Lows High Ticket Sales

[06:54] -Ethical Considerations You Keep In Mind When Closing High Ticket Sales Deals

[08:12] - Establishing Trust With Clients

[10:05] - Identifying The Right Prospects For High Ticket Sales

[11:18] - Bouncing Back From A Lost Sale

[13:30] - Building Rapport

 Brett Kaufman - Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast With Alex Quin

[14:45] - Brett's Tech Stack

[20:09] - Following Up With Clients

[22:32] - Email Marketing

[24:15] - Dirty Secrets About Emails

[27:10] - More Email Tips

[29:21] - Testing Your Emails

Power Quotes

"If you know you can solve someone's problem, it's unethical for you not to follow up with that person." - Brett Kaufman.

"It's about being solid. It's about being consistent. It's about being able to be the best version of yourself and not be afraid to judge yourself in the hopes of bettering yourself" - Alex Quin on improving one's craft.

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