Ex-Waitresses Take the Entrepreneurial Leap, ft. Jennifer & Steph Sutto (Sutto Twins) with Alex Quin | EP 25

Episode Description

The Sutto Twins shared their entrepreneurial story on how they went from servers in a restaurant to speaking on stages and being well-known in the entrepreneur event space. After falling in love with entrepreneur events, they quit their full time jobs as food servers in a restaurant and did everything they had to do to get to where they are now. Alex and the twins discuss their childhood upbringing, networking within the entrepreneurial space, and their inclusion within the book “One Habit”.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

  • Showing up and continuously connecting with others will open doors that would not have opened before.
  • Sacrifice and adversity are apart of and necessary for success.
  • Who you know makes a huge impact on what you are able to accomplish.

Podcast Outline

[02:00] Who are the Sutto Twins?

[04:00] How the Sutto Twins made the entrepreneurial leap

[06:10] How the Sutto Twins learned their social skills

[08:30] Going from ghetto to upper income childhoods

[09:50] Adversity prepares you for your future challenges

[10:35] Behind the Sutto Twins inclusion within the book: “The One Habit”

[11:27] Dealing with people who let you down

[12:00] Excited for the future

[12:30] The sacrifices you make for success

[16:35] How the twins first met Alex

[18:15] Where to find the twins on social media

Power Quotes

“Sometimes the things that are happening to us that can be seen as negative are preparing us for what is coming down the road” – Alex Quin
“If you can master the social game and continuously connect with people in the industry you are interested in, at some point they will notice you and throw opportunities your way” – Sutto Twins

Resources Mentioned

Jennifer Sutto on Instagram

Steph Sutto on Instagram

“One Habit” Book

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