Developing a Winning Mindset ft. Vance Fundora with Alex Quin | EP 53

Episode Description

Alex Quin and Vance Fundora discuss how life can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you're hustling. Vance shares secrets on how to keep your business and more importantly your mind in check. Learn how to keep your sleep schedule, body and mind in order to keep your lucrative investments and company running. Vance is the Founder & CEO of The Fundora Group. He is also a best selling author, speaker, marketing specialist, real estate investor and podcast host of “Real Talk with Vance Fundora”.

Wisdom Nuggets

It's good to always think, why am I choosing this career path or this life path. Is it because I feel like I'm going to make a certain amount of money?

Do one thing every single day, whether it's write goals down, work out, drink a bottle of water. What have you done consistently for a matter of time to show that you can actually follow through with something. To show yourself, not even just for other people but to show yourself, that's what matters.

Thinking time: Sit down with no phone, no laptop, with just a pen and paper and just draw what you want. What problems do you have and what bottlenecks do you have? Who can solve that bottle neck? Who can clear it? Who can solve that problem? Who are advisors you can bring in? You'd be surprised how much sh*t you can figure out when you disconnect from your phone, laptop and regular thoughts and just put sh*t on paper. It's very strong. 

Podcast Outline

[01:15] What's going on everyone

[01:51] My names Vance Fundora

[02:47] How can I help more businesses

[03:16] We grew up with our phones

[04:12] The power of the platform 

[05:54] Why marketing?

[06:59] How do you transition platforms?

[09:52] The issue is...

[10:35] What can I do temporarily

[11:01] Long term that’s where I'm building my foundation

[11:46] The world can change so fast

[14:11] Sun is very important 

[14:57] How do I prevent those things

[15:07] I get one body, how do I take care of it 

[15:40] You’re running in circles

[17:44] Hey (break) 

[19:25] I didn't do enough, I could have done more

[19:50] Sometimes you are doing enough

[21:15] Let's talk about network

[22:51] I can flip the switch 

[23:50] I'm really in my thoughts sometimes

[24:52] Just put shit on paper

[25:15] What's important to me?

[28:35] Stress is inevitable 

[30:46] The four agreements

[32:31] Where can we follow you man

[33:52] You can approach me

[34:51] See you guys next week 

Vance Fundora Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Power Quotes

“If you're gonna do what you love go for it, if you're gonna do something to get you paid go for it, but don't be delusional with yourself and what you're doing it” - Vance Fundora
“It’s not about busting your ass 14-16 hours a day and having absolutely no life” - Alex Quin 
“You gotta have somebody, your mother, your dad, your cousin, someone you can trust, a notebook you can write into, something. But you have to get your thoughts out there otherwise you'll just be on a constant loop.” - Alex Quin 
“I cannot control the color of my skin, I cannot control whether it's gonna rain today, what I can control is my outlook on life” - Vance Fundora


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