Achieving Goals and Taking Advantage of Opportunities ft Keven Pimentel with Alex Quin

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In today’s podcast episode, Host, Alex Quin, discusses the art of setting goals and taking advantage of opportunities with Kevin Pimentel. They also discuss how your circle of influence affects your goal setting and how to keep pushing when you feel like you can't anymore.

Wisdom Nuggets: 

  • Life isn't always going to go the way you want it, but you can always choose how to react to the hand you're dealt. In today's economy, it might seem like there are limited opportunities available, but if you're willing to work hard and be creative, there are always ways to create your own opportunities.
  • When chasing your goals, It's important to have an accountability coach or someone in your corner who will believe in you and help you stay on track with your goals.
  • The law of attraction is a powerful tool that can help you manifest your dreams into reality, but it's important to remember that you still have to take action in order to make your dreams come true.

Podcast Outline:  

[00:44] We're back. We're back. It's been what? A few months. Yeah, this was planned yesterday!

[04:10] Just to give everybody context, you run a marketing company. I run a marketing company. We're both digital marketers. That's how we make money. Correct. You may see us doing a bunch of other, but we make money making money for people online.

[05:34] It's funny how circumstance can determine possibilities. Right. Because a lot of times I think we get carried away with thinking, you know, it's like the whole thing, everything happens at the right time. 

[07:24] How many people actually write their goals down? Like on paper, on a notebook. And let's say like this year's goals, this quarter's goals, next year's goals, the year after that. And once I get those goals, then what?

[08:05] Because sometimes just having someone that you have to report to in that sense where it gives you that challenge to be like, I have to get this done, cuz there's someone who actually knows what's up and they're gonna be like, yo, so did you get this done?

[09:22] I mean like it got to the point where it was like I already got there, and I remember talking to the coach, and they said, wonderful.

[09:57] There's that thing they say that luck is prep. When preparation meets opportunity. Luck is when hard work. Yeah. Hard work meets opportunity. 

[12:12] And then you see people that feel good for your, like, for your accomplishments or feel good for the things that you're doing. You usually see those people growing with you as well. So that it's very mindful. 

[13:12] Some people pursue something that makes them money.

[16:21] You have to like, if you're doing business, like you really gotta think about like other things other than money and business, otherwise, eventually, you'll just find yourself like sitting on a mountain of money probably.

[21:59] So there's this book called? It talks about thinking time. I, I can't, it's called  the road less stupid.

[24:41] Do some research, right? Who are the winners? Why do they fail? Who failed? And why did they fail?

[27:45] Life is not always gonna be the way it is right now. So you always wanna brace for impact. You always wanna prepare for this. Wanna prepare for that? Not thinking negatively, but also knowing, Hey, if we're in times of abundance, for example, let's say right now, instead of going crazy, how can I make sure that when there is an abundance, I still could continue to live this way maybe.

[32:08]But the point is to surround yourself with these kinds of influencers, start with the ones that you can actually control. So you have podcasts, you listen to, you have certain people on videos,

[35:13] So if you can imagine a building in front of you, that's great, but you gotta go grab those bricks. Right. And you gotta lay 'em down, you gotta put the concrete, and then you gotta actually build it.

[35:43] I think the law of attraction has gotten a bad reputation in some way. Right? Because people think that if you just wish for something long enough or you meditate for something long enough, it's gonna happen.

[48:55]Well, what if you're a tribe in the jungle that's, you know, in their own system, what if you're in a completely different sociological situation that doesn't have anything to do with the way that this world, this country works and it's different belief systems. 

[50:22]Thomas Sowell and Sowell spelled S O W E L L. I believe it is. This man has, has truly revolutionized the way that I see race theory and the political realm.

[1:04:04] Thank you for joining me on this episode of the hustle inspires hustle podcast.

Power Quotes:  

“Get good at what you want to get good at. And I promise you, you will see how much life is going to just now come at you.” - Keven Pimentel.
“Look at everyone as if they are yourself. So when you're insulting someone, you're insulting yourself because that could be you. ” - Keven Pimentel.

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