Meet Digital Artist: Kim Overweg

Meet Digital Artist: Kim Overweg

Being an artist requires a lot of skill, commitment, dedication, and a certain level of marketing experience. Kim Overweg is a wonderful Dutch illustrator focused on making it big. She has a unique art style that takes one back to old Disney sketches, adorable and elegant at the same time. Kim has taken the time and illustrated Alex as an Egyptian Pharaoh, which was incredibly special to him because of his love for Ancient Egyptian history.

What Does She Do Now?

She is a professional illustrator based in the Netherlands. Kim works with over 45 brands, providing them and private individuals with custom illustrations. While she is familiar with traditional, realistic art, her primary focus is on the vintage cartoon style that can be modified to suit almost every requirement.

What Are Her Tools?

Kim works on the iPad and uses the Procreate software to create her illustrations. This allows her a great deal of flexibility because it is easy to create a digital illustration no matter where she is.

Who Would She Like to Work With?

Kim has no real preferences when it comes to future collaborations. She would just like to work with passionate, positive, and enthusiastic people. She believes this will allow her to learn and grow as an artist.

Message For Her Younger Self

Like many artists, Kim was discouraged by people around her. They insisted that an illustrator wouldn’t earn enough money to thrive. Her message to her teenage self is to keep pursuing her dreams and to not listen to others.

Art Style And Inspiration

Kim draws a lot of inspiration from classic Disney art, which is very apparent in her illustrations. She calls her art cartoony and cute, with a touch of that timeless magic that makes such a style so appealing. She also draws inspiration from vintage art, Halloween pictures, old Hollywood movies, and pictures of pretty women. Her favorite cartoon character is Donald Duck.

If There was One Thing She Could Change

Kim’s son suffers from debilitating epilepsy that is taking its toll on his health. It is not surprising that her one wish is for doctors to find a cure for all diseases so no one has to suffer and every illness is completely cured.

She has a great presence on Instagram and is actively cultivating her following in the artist community. Make sure to check her out on Instagram and follow her journey.

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