Interview with Horus Straps CEO, Mark Margulies

September 26, 2020

Interview with Horus Straps CEO, Mark Margulies


Alex Quin
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Interview with Horus Straps CEO, Mark Margulies

Horus Watch Straps, Inc. was founded in 2014 and since inception has revitalized the watch strap accessory industry. The straps are designed to perfectly compliment Swiss manufactured watches such as Audemars Piguet, Panerai, Rolex, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Bell & Ross and more. Horus now has authorized retailers in over fifty cities on five continents. I sat down with Horus Straps CEO, Mark Margulies, to talk about the development of the brand and his experience throughout its expansion. 

Mark Margulies Horus Straps
Credit: @Alex_On_Time

How Horus Straps came to life

I met Mark as his entrepreneurial journey started off in the luxury headwear market in his early twenties. It quickly gained popularity on digital platforms and in the fashion world. The vibrance in its color palettes, quality of leather materials, and creative direction opened up a world of opportunities in the luxury market.

Being a watch enthusiast was something Mark identified with. The experience and creativity developed during the growth of his headwear company created the foundation for Horus. Through the power of consistency, industry relationships, experience in manufacturing and design, and attention to detail he has been able to bring his vision to life. Mark and his team were one of the first movers that took advantage of the power of Instagram to build a long lasting brand. 

Horus Straps CEO Mark Marguiles Hustle Inspires Hustle

“Horus would not be what it is today without technology.”

The brands explosive growth on Instagram quickly made it a household name in the market. Although not the first watch strap brand in the industry Horus mastered a category in the luxury watch market like no one else.  It allowed watch collectors to personalize their timepieces with custom straps that fit like a glove  in an array of high quality materials and designs that make them almost impossible to ignore.

During your business journey, what’s one of the best lessons you’ve learned?

“Dedicate yourself to one thing and do that one thing really, really well...Don’t get sidetracked.”

Mark shared that one of the biggest takeaways from his experience thus far is to not spread yourself too thin. It's easy to get carried away with so many things going on as you are building your business or career. However, it is imperative that you remain focused and consistent. He went on to say “ of the most important principles you can adhere to in life is to have patience. In a world where everyone wants everything instantaneously, you  must understand that things won’t happen overnight.”

We talked about social media and how sometimes it can lead people to have false perceptions. Or unrealistic expectations about being a business owner. We agreed that it's not as easy and as fun as a lot of people make it out to be. Indeed it is an amazing journey. But it is a winding road with speed bumps, roadblocks, and potholes that can take years to overcome. 

Horus Straps Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

What’s one thing you would tell your younger self?

“Don't take your foot off the gas because it’s going to pay off.”

We discussed the importance of overcoming obstacles and keeping yourself motivated through challenging times. Although, it is good to give yourself time to wind down and regroup. It’s essential that you remain persistent and disciplined in your craft. 

“You can see why people drop out of this requires endurance.” 

It is no secret that the power of relationships has allowed Horus to take lead in the market. This is why Mark finds it extremely important to foster & maintain relationships. The burning of bridges is something most entrepreneurs experience and learn from. But it is from those mistakes that we grow and learn to better manage relationships moving forward. 

It goes unsaid that we should be treating others with respect. Everyone is on a path  and it is important to live without judging others. 

“Life takes many turns...You never know where life goes”

Credit: Horus Straps Instagram

Horus Straps has revitalized the watch strap accessory industry. Why is it important for a brand to niche down and become a leader in the market?

“Technology is constantly changing and very rapidly...But as long as you have a product or service that people genuinely like that's what’s most important.” 

Mark and I talked about how Horus decided to start off by perfecting their core attributes before opening up to new products and designs. They patiently mastered their craft before attempting to take a bigger share of the market. 

“You can have great marketing and competitive pricing but you have to create something customers actually like...something that lasts.”

Once the formula was locked in, it was the time for them to release new sizes, new colors, and straps for new makes and models of timepieces. It is good to know that unless you have the experience, the know how, and the financial backing to aggressively take over the market you should pace yourself and get it right. 

Horus Strap CEO Mark Marguiles Hustle Inspires Hustle

When did you realize how big Horus Straps had become in the market?

With so much attention on the brand, many doors of opportunity opened for it to be noticed by influential figures. Horus luxury watch straps have been worn by Meek Mill, Farruko, Drew Brees, Dan Bilzerian and many more. Mark went on to tell me that he was proud of the brand's growth. The hard work pays off when you see notable figures purchasing your products and wearing them. 

We talked about events that took place that gave him confidence and inspiration to continue on this path. He recalled when he met two-time Emmy winner and Super Bowl Champion, Michael Strahan. After connecting on Instagram, Mark and his business partner linked up with Strahan in New York and hit it off. This was one of the many opportunities Mark had to see how far he had come.

A mix of internet popularity, powerful connections, interest from retailers, and rising sales gave Mark the confidence he needed to keep moving forward. 

What books do you recommend?

Mark is a well studied entrepreneur who likes to keep himself informed. He reads daily to keep himself motivated and educated. From novels, business development, or behavioral psychology, he has a repertoire of great reads. He decided to share a few with us. 

1. Sapiens By Yuval Noah Harari

2. Homo Deus By Yuval Noah Harari

3. 21 Lessons for the 21st Century By Yuval Noah Harari

4. Tools for Titans By Tim Ferriss

5. Principles By Ray Dalia 



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Interview with Horus Straps CEO, Mark Margulies


Alex Quin