How to Make Money on Social Media Event Recap

How to Make Money on Social Media Event Recap

Did you get a chance to attend our How To Make Money Using Social Media conference in Miami? If you didn’t here’s a breakdown of the event and why you shouldn’t miss out on the next one!


The Miami Conference | How to Make Money on Social Media

Our Debut Conference in Miami hosted world class keynote speakers like Alex Quin (Founder of Hustle Inspires Hustle), Jason Stone (The Millionaire Mentor), Olivia Ormos (Co Founder of Model Volleyball, Michael Gonzalez (CEO of FitTea & Happy Tea), and many more. From New York to Ohio, we had attendees come out to learn about the values of personal branding, social media marketing, and how to make money on social media.

The room was filled with over 105 Hustle Inspires Hustle community members that were looking to further their education on the use of social media to scale their brand and generate more revenue using social channels, content marketing, and strategic partnerships.

What’s all the hype?

What do you get when you fill a room with ambitious, hard working, visionary & relentless humans? You get the Hustle Inspires Hustle conference. Our network is full of like-minded individuals that are looking to grow and develop their businesses by expanding their network.

Who attends?

Be it entrepreneurs, creators, or individuals who want to work on self development, organization and accountability the HIH community manages to create an environment of inspiration, growth, abundance and positivity. Whether you’re a dessert baker or ecommerce guru, you will receive value from our conferences that you can apply to your brands.


Who are we?

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme or a 6 figure ecommerce course. This is a network of professionals, community leaders, and successful social media personalities who uplift each other through the power of connections, education, and collaboration. Everyone brings something to the table and nobody leaves empty handed. The culture in our social group is based on mutual respect for each other and allows for growth without judgement, negative energy or bad business.


Why does this benefit you?

The journey to self development eventually leads to success, which can be lonely and bumpy. It requires for you to have a strong support system and to be surrounded by individuals who uplift you and hold you accountable.

This has been one of the keys to our success. That’s why we have created this community that has reached millions and positively affected more lives than we can count.

Our conferences and events are based around 1 thing and 1 thing only. YOU.

What’s next?

Our educational efforts will continue to expand and grow as we bring together a United States tour to bring the heat to the rest of the country. Locations & dates will be announced soon. If you’d like us to come to your city, email us at [email protected] .

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Alex Quin

Entrepreneur. Podcaster. Go-Getter.

Alex Quin is a full-stack marketing expert and global keynote speaker. Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of UADV Marketing - a member of the Forbes Agency Council.

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