Honeybook Reviews and Features + 50% Off Coupon Code

December 29, 2019

Honeybook Reviews and Features + 50% Off Coupon Code


Michelle C.
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Honeybook Reviews and Features + 50% Off Coupon Code

Managing a business is quite challenging. Entrepreneurs must keep track of different projects, manage clients, support employees, organize inventory, as so much more. Many have to juggle between multiple software programs for these tasks. 

Why spend so much effort when you can easily consolidate all of these tasks on one platform? Here's a look at HoneyBook, the unique software that can handle everything you need to run a small business. PS. There’s a special 50% OFF Honeybook Coupon Code at the end of this blog!

1. All in One Solution

It's an all-in-one platform. There's no need to deal with multiple spreadsheets, apps, or documents. Storing and organizing all information on a single platform frees up time for more essential projects. These are some of the features:

  • It is your command center for all projects, from proposal to payment.
  • You can track all of their project-related documents, regardless of their format, and everything is easily accessible from one platform.
  • You can set up accessible communication with clients or employees- no more getting lost in a mess of emails, text messages, phone calls, etc. 
  • Your clients can track billing and make payments online. 
  • You can track these transactions in real-time from your desktop or mobile app.

Having an all-in-one solution can save time, effort, and allows business owners to maintain visibility of their company processes. This has a direct impact on overall productivity. There’s no more worry of “did I bill this client?”, “where did I save my proposal?”, or “which chat did I send that to again?”. Everything is put together on one platform to give you a peace of mind. Now both you and your client can have access to files, documents, and more on one platform.

Honeybook reviews coupon code
Credit: Honeybook

2. Automation 

Small business processes often include several repetitive tasks. They require little creative input and can be easily automated. Why force yourself or talented employees to perform these mundane tasks when you can easily let an efficient program handle it all for you? Did a client ask for a lower price or question your current pricing? Have an automatic email template ready to send out so you don't have to keep typing the same response. There are many reasons to use Honeybook’s Automation Feature:

  • It provides immediate automated responses, including appointment requests, follow-ups, or thank you notes, which has a positive impact on clients. 
  • Automated payment and task reminders ensure all essential business processes are happening on time. You will never miss anything. 
  • All communications with clients are personalized, which improves customer experience.

When you’re spending time doing busy work like sending emails, contracts, or payment reminders, you don’t get enough time to do what you love like growing your business. With the amount of business tools entrepreneurs need to function, they all begin to pile up. Luckily, you can use the HoneyBook Coupon Code 2020 - ”ALEX” to get a 50% OFF discount. Not only will you save time by automating processes, but money too. 

Honeybook reviews coupon code
Credit: Honeybook

3. Online Payments

You can encourage clients to pay on time by providing easy access to different payment modes. Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, etc. are all quicker through our platform. Your clients can also set up automatic payments on all future transactions through Honeybook. Did a client miss their payment due date? Honeybook will send friendly automatic responses to your client for you. Some other benefits include:

  • Invoice, contract, and payment can be carried out in one seamless step. 
  • Clients can arrange for auto-pay facilities.
  • The program will send out friendly automated reminders. 
  • Users can track payment at every stage. 
  • You can manage all payments in one place.
  • Our platform helps to handle all payment disputes smoothly. 

Honeybook helps you feel safe and secure with your finances by providing an in-house fraud watch team will monitor all transactions to protect you and your client from security concerns. If you’re torn between HoneyBook vs. Dubsado, consider this feature carefully. 

Honeybook reviews coupon code
Credit: Honeybook

4. Proposals 

You have worked so hard and delivered your sales pitch to finally convince your client to sign the dotted line. You’re eager to get the deal set in stone, which is why it is important for this crucial process to not have any friction. HoneyBook provides a seamless experience by integrating the proposal, agreement, and payment processes into one email. No more waiting days for your client to approve the proposal, sign the contract, and make a payment. With Honeybook, once your client approves the proposal you sent, they can simply proceed to electronically sign your contract, and proceed to payment all in one email. So you’re able to:

  • Create impressive invoices with professionally designed templates. 
  • Send invoices with smart notifications, which enhance the client experience.
  • Prevent constant back and forth emails with Honeybook’s hassle-free review and signing of agreements
  • Encourage clients to make payments quickly with simple click-to-pay solutions.

Need to send a quick proposal to someone? Honeybook records all your items or services so you can draft up proposals on the fly. You can select the services your client needs and email it to them right away from the platform.

Honeybook reviews coupon code
Credit: Honeybook

5. Contracts

Contracts are an essential aspect when running a business. They protect you and your work while securing a client and their needs. Many business owners forget this crucial step in the process either because they were not aware of the importance of contracts or they never knew how to create one, which can lead to many complications in the future. HoneyBook provides you with specially designed contract templates that are tailored to your specific industry like Photography, Graphic Design, or more. There are other aspects such as:

  • Add a professional and sophisticated touch in contracts. 
  • There are multiple options for all kinds of businesses. 
  • Automatic contracts don't require much typing, and you only need to enter information into smart fields.
  • Customize smart fields based on project requirements. 
  • A smart bar highlights all areas that require a signature, which ensures clients don't miss anything.
  • No need for printing because clients can sign digitally and seal a contract. 
  • Live tracking of the contract signing process.

In most HoneyBook reviews, users state that this platform is quick to learn and an enjoyable experience. As business owners, there's very little time to deal with complicated software programs so it is essential for a new platform to be quick and convenient.

Credit: Honeybook

6. Integrations 

An excellent project management or CRM platform should be able to integrate with other software programs. Which is why HoneyBook is able to integrate with popular apps and platforms you may already use so you can:

  • Can easily connect with services like QuickBooks.
  • Import email from Gmail. 
  • Import tasks and events from platforms like Calendly or Google Calendar. 
  • Connect with Zapier 

There's no need to switch between multiple applications repeatedly and lose time. All your information is available at a centralized platform. HoneyBook pricing is very reasonable, despite offering a feature-rich platform. You can also use HoneyBook promo code ”ALEX” to get a 50% OFF Discount! 

Honeybook Reviews Promo Code
Credit: Honeybook


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Honeybook Reviews and Features + 50% Off Coupon Code


Michelle C.