Dream Masterminds Miami | Alex Quin, Gerard Adams, Jason Stone and more.

Dream Masterminds Miami | Alex Quin, Gerard Adams, Jason Stone and more.

What happens when you mix the craziest entrepreneurs, influencers, and community leaders into one weekend? You get Dream Masterminds, the #1 Social Media & Entrepreneurship Conference of the Year. Hosted and sponsored by Krave Studios and Luxury World Traveler, this event brought together some of the best content creators and business leaders to speak about how to scale your business and branding strategies. Big names like Alex Quin, Gerard Adams, Jason Stone, and Brett David took the stage to tell the stories of their own success and failures in business.

Here are some of our favorite iconic speakers from the weekend:

1. Alex Quin

At the age of 24, Alex was the youngest speaker at Dream Masterminds. Founder of UADV, a Forbes-Accredited Marketing Agency with brands like Palmeramia, The Billionaire’s Club, and more under its umbrella. Alex has worked with multiple brands like Nike, Adidas, and RedBull. He was invited to speak at the Miami Panel by Gil Antolin, owner of Luxury World Traveler, whom Alex previously chauffeured for when he was 18.

2. Brett David

With over $1 Billion in car sales, Brett is CEO of Prestige Imports Motor Group Miami, the largest exotic car inventory in the USA. Brett joined Alex on stage on the Miami Panel, where both spoke on how social media aided in their business empires.

3. Gerard Adams

Gerard Adams is The Millennial Mentor, who co-founded and sold Elite Daily for $50 Million. A major influence to the generation, Gerard inspires others to turning their passions into the lifestyles they dream to live.

4. Montana Tucker

Singer, songwriter, and dancer, Montana Tucker has worked with globally known artists like Chris Brown, Pitbull, and Lil Wayne. Averaging between 1 to 3 million views per Instagram video, Montana inspires others with her content and continues to grow her career daily.

5. Jason Stone

The Millionaire Mentor, Jason Stone is a serial entrepreneur and social media guru. He is recognized globally by over 3 million people and gives out helping tips on his Instagram on how to grow yourself and your business. With multiple 7 figure business ventures, Jason also built his Instagram empire in only 2 years.


6. Tariq Cherif

In just 4 years, 28 year old Tariq Cherif managed to build the biggest hip-hop music festival in Miami called Rolling Loud. Now taking their ventures to Los Angeles, Tariq and his team will be traveling globally and hosting branded events in multiple locations like the United Kingdom, China, and Japan.

7. Olivia Ormos

Co-Founder of Model Beach Volleyball Tournament, Olivia Ormos has used social media to her advantage and created an event with over 15,000 spectators and 34 sponsors. Hosting an event with free admission is difficult and Model Volleyball’s revenue relies on mostly their sponsors and concessions.  

Thank you to Dream Masterminds for having our team at the event. A special thank you to:

Luxury World Traveler, Krave Studios, Perfect Balance World, Sand Cloud, Oceanic Global, Mezcal Zunte, and 1 Hotels.

Alex Quin

Entrepreneur. Podcaster. Go-Getter.

Alex Quin is a full-stack marketing expert and global keynote speaker. Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of UADV Marketing - a member of the Forbes Agency Council.

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