"What's up? I'm Alex Quin, your podcast host"

Alex Quin is helping brands grow and inspiring entrepreneurs to reach their potential through smart partnerships, killer content, and top-notch marketing strategies.

How it all started

Although described as "the guy with the Midas touch", the beginning to Alex's journey was far from easy. Being raised by a single mother, he was always looking for ways to make quick cash and help out back home. While working as a Pizza Hut manager, he started other side hustles like content creation and marketing when he discovered not only his love for the craft, but his undeniable talent to make things happen.

Behind the microphone

Meet Alex Quin - a super talented full-stack marketing expert and global keynote speaker. He's the mastermind behind UADV MARKETING, which is a Forbes Agency Council member and has connections in the exciting worlds of entertainment, fashion, and e-commerce. Together with his awesome team, Alex helps brands reach new heights through smart partnerships, killer content, and top-notch marketing strategies. Some of the big names Alex has worked with include McLaren, Microsoft, Puma, VaynerMedia, and RichMusic - just to name a few!

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From podcast studios to conference stages

Make boss moves in bold attire

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