Tips for Young Women Entrepreneurs, ft. Randi Zuckerberg  | Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast EP 23

Episode Description

We’ve teamed up with ManyChat’s Conversations 2019 as the official podcast sponsor! For our last episode, we sit down with Randi Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO at Zuckerberg Media. Randi discusses how she came to develop Facebook Live alongside her brother Mark Zuckerberg, her experience with her own agency, and programs she developed to help young female entrepreneurs. If you are a female entrepreneur or marketer then this podcast will be extremely motivating and insightful seeing the work that Randi has done.

Wisdom Nuggets

Take risks and try anything you want to without becoming emotionally attached so that you can get through the things that don’t work and double down on that.

The number one skill of a successful agency is knowing when to say NO to clients.

Podcast Outline

[02:03] How Randi came up with Facebook Live[

03:57] Not everything is an overnight success[

05:05] Through adversity you find purpose

[06:22] Learning to say no to new clients

[07:30] Setting a foundation through a mission statement

[08:23] Shiny Object Syndrome

[09:30] The danger of taking on too many projects

[10:39] How Randi introduces tech and science to young girls

[11:54] The entrepreneurial gap for women

[14:02] Having an agency while providing education

[17:05] When someone opens a door for you

[18:20] Doing something positive to people

[19:30] How to connect with Randi

Power Quotes:

Some of the best innovations happen accidentally or organically” - Randi Zuckerberg
“If someone is willing to open the door for you then all you can do is pay it forward” - Randi Zuckerberg



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