Charlie Rocket Jabaley & Alex Quin | Secrets of Invisible Influence (Former Music Mogul/NIKE Athlete) | Hustle Inspires Hustle Episode 29

Episode Description

Charlie Rocket, also known as CEO Charlie,  comes out of retirement to share his views with Alex Quin on social media and REAL WORLD marketing strategies. He explains the lack of authenticity of social media and the importance of creating strong connections. We learn about how Charlie "Rocket" got started in marketing, his adverse times,  and his influences that have led him to integral success. Alex and Charlie discuss the perspective of less is more, and how to successfully monetize on less advocates.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

  • Having moms that will support you no matter what is more important than having a million followers.
  • Real world marketing is more powerful because it generates authentic engagement.
  • Shifting culture relies on integrity and authenticity.
Charlie Rocket & Alex Quin - Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Podcast Outline

[01:55] Charlie Rocket’s perspective on Marketing Innovation

[03:00] CEO Charlie’s background

[03:45] How Charlie got started in the music industry

[04:30] Shifting culture

[05:10] CEO Charlie Rocket Becoming a Nike Athlete

[06:45] The meaning of Charlie’s Nike commercial to Alex 

[07:30] The key mindset to thriving during adverse times 

[09:15] What nobody is saying according to Charlie Rocket

[10:00] Charlie Rocket’s view on social media

[11:25] Connecting marketing with the real world

[12:00] Micro content in marketing

[13:55] Discussing invisible influence and the evolution of internet

[15:05 ] Charlie Rocket’s ability to see around the corner

[15:20 ] Story of

[16:00] The next wave of marketing according to Charlie Rocket

[17:41] Secret societies in fashion

[18:29] Where do you draw the line on getting attention?

[18:59] The importance of experiential core

[20:21] The negative aspects of social media

[21:15] The future of invisible influence

[22:00] Charlie Rocket announces why he is retiring from social media

[22:30] The power of events and meetups in marketing

[23:56] Making strangers support you just like a mom

[25:24] Why social media makes Charlie Rocket sick

[28:01] How the digital marketing industry has pushed Alex to engage more

[30:28] Creating the deep end of the pool in marketing

[32:01] Pouring into your current followers rather than seeking growth

[34:42] Nurturing your followers just like moms do

[36:15] Less is always more, how does that apply to marketing and business?

[37:40] Monetizing on your current followers

[38:00] How Alex found out about QUANTOPIA

[38:32] Charlie Rocket’s manifestation notebook

[41:01] Stepping out of the mindset you’re currently in to rise up

[41:50] Where to find Charlie Rocket


Power Quotes

“Before there was social media, there were very influential people in this world.” – Charlie Rocket
“I’m building most of my culturally shifting marketing strategies, in the real world, where normal human nature exists.” – Charlie Rocket
“When you’re producing that much shit, you’re getting attention, but what type of attention is it? How deep is it?” - Charlie Rocket
“People are craving a human connection, people are craving a community.” - Charlie Rocket
“Everything that is actually influential and shifts culture is done in the real world.” - Charlie Rocket

Resources Mentioned

@Charlie on Instagram

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