Psychology in Marketing & Business, ft. Jeremy Haynes (CEO of Megalodon Marketing), with Alex Quin | EP #16

Episode Description

Jeremy Haynes is CEO & Founder of Megalodon Marketing, a go-to personality brand digital agency that works with celebrity personalities and entrepreneurs like Dan Lok, Anik Singal, and more. Helping over 1900+ students through his programs and managing over $1 Million Dollars in ad spend, he jumps on this podcast episode to give us actionable advice on branding, communication, and revenue-driven actions. Learn how to handle clients properly, price yourself correctly, and how to run your business efficiently through Jeremy’s use of applied psychology. 

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

  • Educating yourself through courses or reading books 
  • Keep yourself healthy while running your business
  • Brand yourself so it’s easy for people to find you
  • Mentorship or courses are essential in business. Invest in yourself to build something that you’re proud of

Podcast Outline

[01:52] Who is Jeremy Haynes

[05:17] Books have saved my business

[07:49] I was afraid to ask for help

[09:30] The willingness to help people

[10:43] Branding yourself so people can find you

[11:00] How Jeremy applies psychology in Marketing

[13:55] Cognitive biases

[17:00] Playing the big game with applied psychology

[18:10] Manychat Conversations 2019

[20:44] Jeremy’s Inner Circle

[23:10] How Jeremy first started

[30:46] I fired $109k worth of clients

[38:50] Landing Dan Lok for $25k a month

[41:02] How I run my business

Psychology in Marketing & Business Jeremy Haynes
Credit: @Jeremy

Power Quotes

“Communication is such a big part of every element of life” - Jeremy Haynes
“The thoughts you think in your head are always trying to figure something out that you don’t know” - Jeremy Haynes
“Applied psychology has always made more money than anything I’ve ever tried to leverage as a marketing tactic” - Jeremy Haynes
“Investing in yourself pays back 10 fold” - Alex Quin
Jeremy Haynes Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Resources Mentioned

Jeremy on Instagram

22 Immutable Laws of Branding

Digital Marketing Manuscript 


Personal Brand University

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