Episode Description

In today's world of social media, you are seeing #ad more and more every day. In this episode Alex Quin chats with Robert Freud, a Lawyer in California who focuses on advertising and marketing cases specifically in social media. Learn tips on how to look over all contracts before making a deal, and how it is not that simple to post a photo for your business. This episode is the first episode of 2021, another year of success for Hustle Inspires Hustle

Wisdom Nuggets

If you're running paid content, if you are using content that has someone identifiable in it, always remember you have permission from that person. It doesn't have to be a huge contract it can even be a DM if you do it the right way.

Any brand or deal that would blow the deal up over your request to spend more time looking it over, isn’t someone you should be doing a deal with.

Podcast Outline

[01:15] What's going on everyone

[02:14] Why don’t you give everyone an idea of what you do?

[03:19] How did your law career start?

[05:20] False advertising laws

[07:13] When I decided I really wanted to have my own practice

[07:56] Are you operating remotely at the moment?

[08:59] Are there any books you recommend to young advertisers?

[09:41] The basics of concept law

[10:19] Influencers IQ

[11:12] What part of your day is allocated to building your network

[14:18] Let's break down clubhouse

[16:00] This is how I found Robert

[17:57] People are learning so fast

[18:45] What are some things happening that people are overlooking

[19:06] FTC

[19:37] Influencer Marketing

[19:49] Frye Festival

[20:46] They had to pay over 15 million dollars to the FTC

[21:17] The FTC’s Mission

[22:29] You’ve got a long way for protecting yourself

[22:49] Customer Reviews

[23:56] Negative Option Marketing

[24:49] Hey (Break)

[25:27] Publicity Rights

[27:33] If you're running any kind of paid content...

[28:41] There's serious liability

[30:12] Pacer

[30:47] FTC Influencer Guidelines

[31:49] If you could bring any legislation into force what would it be and why?

[33:04] You can’t really fake Q and A on Clubhouse

[34:23] What are the 3 biggest issues affecting influencers today and why

[36:43] This is not someone you should be doing business with

[38:13] Make sure those captions are on point

[38:47] Be mindful of when you do need to make a disclosure

[39:29] How has social media changed copyright law?

[42:55] Copyright law being used for extortion

[44:04] See you on the next episode

Robert Freund Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Power Quotes

“The law is something thats so easy to establish and difficult to defend against” -Robert Freund 27:01
“Compliance is everyone's responsibility” - Robert Freund 34:41
“If your lawyer didn't take the first draft, chances are the lawyer who wrote it isn't looking out for you” -Robert Freund 38:00


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