Moving Up within a Company ft. Monty Moran (Former CEO of Chipotle) with Alex Quin | EP57

Episode Description

Monty Moran, former CEO of Chipotle shares his knowledge of working countless jobs and how no job is too small to be the best employee you can be. From Dairy Queen to janitor, to ultimately being the CEO of Chipotle, Monty and Alex Quin share tips and tricks to shine in a work environment and how to move up in your company. Whether it is your first job or your last there is always room to grow, learn, adapt, and move up to success!  And don’t forget – guac is always extra.

Wisdom Nuggets:

Working with empathy and consistency will allow you to scale, through reputation and working well with others

Making sure that no one has any incentive to leave creates an environment that no one ever wants to leave.

There is so much to learn from a “go nowhere job'' There is always something to learn. You don't have to worry about getting ahead in life. Do what you're doing now with all your heart and passion. Be grateful for it. If you’re doing an awesome job there's no way you cannot move up

Podcast Outline:

[01:15] What's going on everyone

[01:47] I was CEO of Chipotle

[04:43] You started with law, is that what you originally wanted to do in college?

[05:44] Changing my major to speech communication

[06:52] How was the transition from law to business?

[09:01] Started working for chipotle

[10:38] My reputation spread very quickly

[11:09] How was that experience

[12:16] I knew something had to give

[13:26] Everyone wants to feel wanted

[15:12:] The downside

[15:55] The most important lesson in life

[16:43] What we don’t tend to

[17:33] Break

[19:09] My very first day at Chipotle

[21:11] Unbelievably high retention

[23:55] I love every job I had

[25:45] You’re gonna be found

[26:52] Do it better

[28:11] What's going on in Monty’s world?

[30:50] The beauty about people

[31:22] Where can we find you on social media

[32:07] See you guys on the next episode

Power Quotes:

“The transition of being a really good doer to being a good leader, was probably the most impactful and important  transition of my life” - Monty 11:38
“It is way more satisfying to be the source of empowerment of other people and help them to be at their best, than it is to simply be the very very best of what you can be” - Monty 16:00
“It’s way more fulfilling to help other people, than to help myself” - Monty 17:14
“When you feel uncomfortable, recognize that and understand that. That is a sin that you just leveled up” - Alex Quin 26:17


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