Making Success Your Duty Part 2 ft. Grant Cardone (Creator of 10X Movement) with Alex Quin | EP 43

Episode Description

In Part 2 of our podcast series, Alex Quin is back with Grant Cardone discussing the worth and life experiences of running a business versus “settling down.” Grant shares resources on where to find people to work with and how to build a good mindset that will lead you to success. Alex and Grant speak on who to follow and how “money matters.” Learn how to perfect your pitch and run your business effectively in order to create wealth that will multiply over time.

Wisdom Nuggets

  • Think of domination not competition
  • You don’t need a great pitch if you just keep calling on enough people, but you can improve your pitch. 
  • You should follow people that do more than they say. 

Podcast Outline

[01:37] Buying Vs. Renting

[02:31] Nobody’s ever gotten rich because they owned a home

[03:33] The moment you buy a house you get lazy

[03:58] If you want balance don’t build a business

[05:13] The message there is

[05:46] Your business is going to continue feeding you 

[06:20] This message is not for everybody

[07:01] People don’t have to like you 

[08:08] If you’re having trouble seeing things through

[08:26] I was raised in the middle class

[08:51] The wealthy know how to multiply 

[09:21] Hey I just wanted to jump in (break) 

[10:17] How to find content that will help us

[11:03] Get on Cardone You

[12:33] Cardone Capital

[13:27] Educate yourself

[15:00] Most profitable event held in the US

[16:24] How do I feed my two kids

[17:25] Money matters

[18:01] Thank you for joining me

Grant Cardone & Alex Quin Hustle Inspires Hustle Podcast

Alex Quin & Grant Cardone | Power Quotes

“People don’t have to like you and what you’re saying, but always be willing to learn” -Alex Quin
“I’m not selling lipstick, I'm not getting maked online, I'm not a rapper, I'm not a celebrity, I'm not an actor, I ended up raising a third of a billion dollars in cash, changing and revolutionizing the world of real estate” - Grant Cardone
“You don’t need to be so open that you listen to everything. If that parachute is so open that it can’t catch air, it won’t catch ya” - Grant Cardone


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