How to Have A Successful Start Up, ft. Jeff Cole (Co-Founder of Ikonick), with Alex Quin | Episode #02

Episode Description

In this episode of Hustle Inspires Hustle, we talk with Jeff Cole, the creative hustler turned co-founder of Ikonick. Jeff talks about how Ikonick came to be and how he learned to combine hustle, creativity, and social media to create art that the world has ever seen.

Entrepreneurial Wisdom Nuggets:

In this conversation, Jeff Cole and Alex Quin shared the following wisdom nuggets:
● How Ikonick blew up within a year
● Learning to be patient with success
● Acting on “your moment” when the time comes
● The biggest obstacles creative entrepreneurs
● Is there a formula to building a company?
● Is life as an entrepreneur easy once you’ve “made it’?
● Putting that work in to be a success
● Working with the “big dogs” like Gary V., Adidas, and more

Podcast Outline

[00:49] What inspired you to go with design?
[2:45] When was the moment when your opportunity blew up?
[6:16] What was your first major project?
[10:48] What role did patience play in your growth as an entrepreneur?
[14:26] What are some of the biggest obstacles other entrepreneurs make?
[16:32] Being real about the entrepreneurial journey
[21:03] What projects do you have coming in the future that you are most excited about?
[25:14] How did you feel about working with a mentor?
[30:50] Austin, the 19-year old content superstar working with Jeff and Ikonick to make

Power Quotes

“Since I was a kid, I had no idea how I was going to make money with art...”
“I don’t create something without being inspired by something.”
“Patience is now more important than when I was an 18-year old kid...”
how to have a successful start up

About Our Guest

Jeff Cole is a digital artist and entrepreneur who turned his artistic skill and sneakers into
building a powerful creative agency with Mark Mastrandrea.
Jeff Cole on Instagram
Ikonick website

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how to have a successful start up

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