Evaluating Performance with Post Mortems ft. Tin Can Brothers with Alex Quin | EP 50

Episode Description

Alex Quin chats with 3 Los Angeles based entertainers Corey Lubowich, Joey Richterm and Brian Rosenthal. This trio make up the very popular “Tin Can Bros” In this episode we learn how finding different strengths within your team can lead to teamwork and high success. Tin Can Bros showcase incredible works on Youtube, live stage shows, and festival short films. Most popular credits include A Very Potter Musical, Starkid Productions, and work on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Experience and more. Alex breaks down Post Mortems and how they can affect your performance, which tools can help your team stay organized, and how creativity can be expressed in a variety of different mediums and formats. If you are into production or creative writing of any kind this is a must listen!

Wisdom Nuggets

Post Mortems are evaluating your team's performance, all the mistakes, all the good things that happened, all the bad things that happened, after anything you’re doing for your business, what you're gonna do moving forward, and what you're not gonna do moving forward. 

Before starting your next project, always review the post mortem, so you don’t make the same mistakes again. There are so many possible mistakes to make, why make the same mistakes twice. 

We have a job to do, and our job is to keep moving. Keep getting smart, keep getting better. How are your ideas contributing to better things? 

Podcast Outline

[01:15] What's going on everybody 

[01:52] What’s going on with the Tin Can Brothers 

[02:04] We got our start on Youtube

[02:26] Starkid Productions

[04:31] Each of us has expertise to bring to the table 

[05:08] There's this diy element 

[06:10] 29 Million views

[6:21] Very Potter musical 

[6:53] Harry Potter Community 

[7:44] Narrative Podcast

[8:49] The full picture

[9:45] Production on the podcast 

[12:02] What can’t you fit into the narrative

[12:50] It’s different

[13:14] I have to investigate

[14:32] Putting people through immersive experiences

[15:54] Really building out this world 

[16:48] BREAK

[17:49] The level of organization

[18:16] We’re a big “slack” group

[18:50] Not being able to meet up in person

[19:28] Shared notes

[24:32] It’s good to be able to do things on the fly 

[25:15] We have a shorthand at this point

[27:11] It’s all stuff that’s memories

[28:02] People love to showcase perfection sometimes

[29:28] The accessibility of the digital space

[31:52] How to set deadlines and goals 

[32:15] The Solve It Squad

[33:05] Embracing those limitations

[34:39] Mistakes become opportunities

[35:59] Get used to rolling with it

[37:14] If we could only have enough money to do “this” 

[39:33] Thank you for being here today

[41:23] See you on the next episode

Tin Can Brothers Hustle Inspires Hustle

Power Quotes

“We would rather do the hard work to learn these skills to create our own content, then wait around for someone to hand us an opportunity” - Brian, Tin Can Bros
“People love to showcase perfection sometimes, and sometimes there isn;t perfection in everything your doing” - Alex Quin
“Embrace the imperfections of what we do, in many ways and embrace the process” - Tin Can Bros
“We set our creative constraints, within our production restraints” - Tin Can Bros


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Tin Can Brothers Hustle Inspires Hustle

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